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Certain colors of eye shadow naturally look fantastic with brown eyes. Find out what eye shadow looks good with brown eyes with help from a celebrity makeup … Video Rating: 5 / 5 This is to help out those who have the same skin tone as mine, cuz there’s not that many lip swatches out there. Music : Jungle Fever – The Chakachas.




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  • xxgoodnevil17xx 4 years ago

    thank you this helps so much!

  • p1nkyn1n4 4 years ago

    @neetudolly haha you haaad to didnt you?

  • p1nkyn1n4 4 years ago

    @nurulkahar aww thanks! i will tryy =D

  • CookieBear99 4 years ago

    Great video thanks!! really wanted to know which lip gloss to get lol 😀

  • liaciaria 4 years ago

    NYX megashine smokey look is gorgeous on you, i have sweetheart & it’s too
    light for me

  • neetudolly 4 years ago

    oooo “Dolly Pink” looks very beautiful on you Darling

  • nurulkahar 4 years ago

    LOVE YOUR VIDEO! susah nak cari org yg sama skin tone like me, plus we both
    Malaysians, jadi senang nak cari barang yg you guna! keep making more
    videos puh-lisssssss!

  • Christina Dian 4 years ago

    yess we have the same skin tone..thank you for this video 😉

  • mari rivera 4 years ago

    you are so beautiful, almost all of the SHADES look great on your skin tone.

  • katieNlove 4 years ago

    This guy’s voice is like the Bob Ross of makeup

  • TheMRSmichaelcarter 4 years ago

    And I thought it was just me! lol;)

  • Kailah Lee 4 years ago

    how come the video keeps blacking out

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