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Hello, This is a fun makeup tutorial inspired by the latest ‘Tomb Raider’ game trailer. The graphics look incredible and I can’t wait until the game comes ou… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Rafaela Coelho 4 years ago

    gente!!Amo Lara croft!!!Ela me traz tanta lembranças!!

  • Romi Nou 4 years ago

    Thanks for your video! Explainations are perfect and the result is awesome!
    It will be very useful for my Halloween party! lol. Oh! And you’re very
    pretty too :)

  • Sophie Goubert 4 years ago


  • Michael Isaakidis 4 years ago

    are u the next Lara Croft?

  • judweb53 4 years ago

    A-ma-zi-n’ !!! 😀 want to see mooore? 😀

  • Raissa Dahmer 4 years ago


  • krystletips 4 years ago

    @libidowolf the joy of makeup hey! thanks x

  • krystletips 4 years ago

    @Aisaak01 I wish.. ha

  • Rah84eem 4 years ago

    this is your best vid:) as a gamer and tomb raider fan i really enjoyed
    this video

  • krystletips 4 years ago

    @Kamyel thank you so much. Lara Croft is great! I’m going to try and do a
    few halloween vids. I love character makeup. x

  • Deanna R 4 years ago

    Amazing tutorial! Thanks so much; I’m definitely using this for Ellie from
    The Last of Us!

  • libidowolf 4 years ago

    Can´t believe it… 01:34 it is actually the same girl of 09:35, just
    unbelievable. Also loving your accent. Good job, I’m going to show this to
    my gf.

  • Badty92 4 years ago

    Awesome! =)

  • Margot Harisson 4 years ago

    Yup, cool ^^. Now, I needn’t photoshop for ”grunge” my face ^^ Thank’s

  • seashell093 4 years ago

    Cool! Thank you so much! This will help with my Lara cosplay!

  • feliciaJ86 4 years ago

    it’s like the real thing

  • Michael Henninger 4 years ago

    This is amazing. Yeah, I’m kind of a girl sometimes.

  • Ali Liguori 4 years ago

    urrr so prettyy omg

  • ZePomVerte 4 years ago

    I can’t find fake blood anywhere in my city lol, what else can I use for
    the cuts?

  • krystletips 4 years ago

    For fake blood try golden syrup, cornflower and red food dye- add a drop of
    blue food dye to darken up the colour x

  • Immortal Moon 4 years ago

    I love your check bones your so hot:)

  • Sandied 4 years ago

    Cheers! I used this tutorial for a zombie attack survivor look. Just left
    the blood out.

  • krystletips 4 years ago

    you can make you own nmixture… corn flour, red and a little blueor black
    food dye with golden syrup. x

  • tomb raider 4 years ago

    good job

  • Marlaina Schoeler 4 years ago

    Just wondering what shadow you used for the dirt??

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