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my getting ready tag!! so usually I get ready for about 30 minutes everyday ^_^ and this look is not my everyday look. It’s like one of those fast make up I … First video of my new channel. Make-up but quick, cheap, easy and bold. I have a cold and a croaky voice and the framing isn’t the best, but you get the idea…


Makeup For Party




  • ruth menze 4 years ago

    your pretty ! & how do you print shirts ,

  • Megami Tsubasa 4 years ago

    @JubJubx thanks ^_^

  • Megami Tsubasa 4 years ago

    @MeezShe thanks ^_^ I actually did what Bubzbeauty does in her tutorial in
    printing tshirts (I bet you know her) ^_^

  • SpotSGN 4 years ago

    Very beautiful, I choose you;-) Megami admirer of Brazilian, sorry my bad
    english ;-(

  • JubJubx 4 years ago

    you’re gorgeous!

  • Megami Tsubasa 4 years ago

    @eamsessor haha thanks by being the first one to watch haha

  • eamsessor 4 years ago

    oh1this is my first time to be the first to watch a video!

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