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This is my version of Face of the Week or Shop My Stash or Makeup Bag of the Week. I choose an eyeshadow that I experiment with through the whole week. This week’s shadow is Makeup Geek’s brick …


  • Wheaten Beauty 2 years ago

    So sorry I missed this comment! I’m only now seeing what I missed with the
    beach internet. Yikes! A lot of comments I never saw. Not sure why. Thank
    you for watching and commenting. Let me know if you like the MUG shadows. I
    love the color selection :)

  • Wheaten Beauty 2 years ago

    Sorry to be so slow on this–at the beach not all my comments showed for
    some reason. Really glitchy internet…I’ll have to get organized to do the
    personal care product video. I like 100% Pure & Hugo Naturals. I’ll
    probably try the Shea Terra because I’ve been loving their skin care. I
    also use a fair amount of Pink Papaya. Their body care line is much, much
    cleaner than their color products. Many of them are (mostly) natural with
    no yucky ingredients.

  • lindalilacs 2 years ago

    Have never tried the Mug shadows, but they look gorgeous! Will definitely
    have to check her stuff out!

  • go24jeffgordon 2 years ago

    Can’t wait to see what looks you come up with this week! Love the pic at
    the end! :+) Vickie

  • babycake390 2 years ago

    Wow, quite a challenge you have here with the shadow of the week !!! We
    really love colorful eyeshadows and honestly do not wear them as much as we
    should. Your eye makeup looks beautiful in this video. We never tried out
    bare mineral makeup and a lot of things you said are really informative.
    Thanks Brigitte and Cornelia xoxo

  • grannaboo03 2 years ago

    Hmm, lots to think about. Looking forward to see your new looks, you are
    braver than me….those are bright eyeshadows, but you’ll pull them off 😀

  • Wheaten Beauty 2 years ago

    The Bitten is surprisingly neutral–unless I find a way to jazz it up :)
    Poolside is definitely bright…

  • MsKristinn321 2 years ago

    Can not wait to see the looks that you come up with this week, I love to
    see someone else who is not afraid of color!!! xoxoxoxo K

  • ezriblue76 2 years ago

    Love it! These are my favourite videos of yours bc I just love seeing what
    you can do with such vibrant and beautiful colours.

  • Georgina Kent 2 years ago

    With regards to the animal testing, it’s really frustrating when a good
    company, as in one that doesn’t test on animals is bought by one that does.
    Like, Body Shop – they were bought by L’Oreal… so even though they’re not
    testing, we’re paying into the corporation that does… love the makeupgeek
    colour by the way 😀

  • Wheaten Beauty 2 years ago

    It was surprisingly neutral! I figured it would be RED, but it’s really
    much more of a muted burgundy, very easy to work with.

  • Kristin Gehm 2 years ago

    I am excited to see what you do with that shadow! Such a pretty color! I
    hope you had a great weekend! xo Kristin

  • grannaboo03 2 years ago

    Would you consider doing a video on personal care products you love, like
    shower gels/ soaps, and lotions? I have noticed many of the products I
    currently use need to be replaced with “Cleaner” options.

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