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  • Deborah Cage 4 years ago

    @perfumetester She looks beautiful! The tutorial is really about the
    foundation anyway. YOU can use less products if you desire and you will
    probably be gorgeous too. It’s all a matter of individual taste and
    creative expression.

  • ama ezeonwuka 4 years ago

    @youngbeauty8 Thank you for your reply! Though I am NC50 in Mac, but for
    some reason I end up with Caramel in other brands because that seems to
    match my tone best. Whenever I try Cappucino its usually one shade too dark
    for me, so that was why I was confused.

  • AliyatA1 4 years ago

    what shade do you think i should get i’m NW45

  • Stephanie Rae 4 years ago

    @MsLayila MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW45

  • rmdebora 4 years ago

    i don´t know….but the colors didn´t show up at all…the blush and the
    lipstick i mean…but great idea of contouring the eyebrowns with a lighter
    shade so it looks more defined;)

  • stylishlyclad 4 years ago


  • Stephanie Rae 4 years ago

    @AliyatA1 cappucino should work for you.

  • MsBubblegumGucci 4 years ago

    new subbie!

  • Jaque Blanc 4 years ago

    The darker the better baby

  • Maddiie1 4 years ago

    Hey, what did you put on your eyebrows?

  • Jocelyn F 4 years ago

    Nice job and you’re adorable.

  • Stephanie Rae 4 years ago

    @Eliya05 What works for me is while Im setting my foundation with a powder,
    I REALLY BUFF it into my skin in circular motions. I find that if you just
    pat the powder into your skin it tends to just sit on top. You could also
    try using a product like MAC Fix + Spray ($18), Sephora also has a much
    cheaper version ($12), but that product is only sold online. Hope this
    helps! Thanx for watching! :-)

  • Stephanie Rae 4 years ago

    @BeautiVixen You welcome hun, thanx for watching!!!!!

  • Katt Reid 4 years ago

    Do you have oily skin?

  • Glamourshock21 4 years ago

    hey , What was the name of the concealer you used?

  • Laurin Robinson 4 years ago

    it’s crazy how i’m a shade or two lighter than you and that same color
    looked crazy on me! lol maybe i’ll take it out and try it again….

  • Jennifer Peedle 4 years ago

    you look like a celeb! wow :) you put so much on yet doesn’t look cakey!
    wish i had your skin!

  • Flawlessdarkskin21 4 years ago

    hello Monica(:

  • Deborah Cage 4 years ago

    @perfumetester way too many products for YOU – is obviously not way too
    many products for her or perhaps others. The purpose of the tutorial is for
    you to get the gist and “work it” for YOU. If your best look is achieved
    with less products – go for it! Makeup is creative expression. We express
    ourselves differently. With that in mind – freely express yourself with
    this look and any other look to YOUR taste. No one with be “mad at’cha” and
    if they are “oh well!!”

  • Stephanie Rae 4 years ago

    @dutchum THANX! :) AND THANX 4 WATCHING!

  • VCarter19 4 years ago

    Good job

  • 35divadiva 4 years ago

    Nice!!! Wha concealer u used? Do u have oily skin or dry?

  • Bernadette Blair 4 years ago

    I tried the Revlon Colorstay years ago and it made me look like I belonged
    in a coffin. D E A D! It looks good on you though.

  • MsLayila 4 years ago

    Please share the concealer you used! I am soo in need of a good one. Thanks
    in advance, I love the final look! :)

  • Olivia Campbell 4 years ago

    @ladyrae86 what about nc50 in colorstay?

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