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I hope you find this review of MAC Face and Body Foundation along with my updated foundation video helpful. I talked A LOT in this video but I hope it is inf…


  • msperulovesxxoxo 4 years ago

    Before: Beautiful! After: Even more BEAUTIFUL! You look Great (= Oh & Nice
    review….. Never tried Mac Face and Body Foundation, I’m convinced now! My
    skin would say semi perfect few imperfections normal skin type. Hope it
    works wonders for me. Thanks soooo much. Take care & Have a wonderful day!

  • Tammi169 4 years ago

    this Foundation is designed for good Skin really no offence if you have
    pretty bad skin then you will need more coverage just a little tip if you
    feel you get the odd spot now and again try Nivea creme it’s in a small pot
    and its good to put on your face before applying foundation to :)

  • CosmeticConfessions 4 years ago

    @EmChatterBox Thank you so much :) I’m glad you found it informative as
    well :)

  • satenkitti 4 years ago

    Iv used all of the revlon color stay. :/ and its so streaky and kinda makes
    me orange.. it doesnt go on well even with a primer like I LOVED IT at
    first.. and I also love dream that liqued mousse and a few others. but now
    nothings working:( (my skin hasn changed it just.. its not pretty to me) i
    always get streaky or imperfect kinda look. I want to get this because of
    price+amount but whats good for pinkpale, and will it cover my uneven
    blemishes +not be streaky:(???

  • Barbara Reeves 4 years ago

    I have combo skin with some acne scars this foundation is good if you are
    getting a Microder treatment at a spa that is why i started using this
    foundation and now i wear it to work it is a very nice foundation. Thats
    for the video.

  • CosmeticConfessions 4 years ago

    @nicolsx That’s a good suggestion. I will try that on a day when I want a
    little bit higher coverage. I will try to do another Naked palette
    tutorial. I did a nice look with it this weekend so I should make a video
    on it! Thank you for the nice comments :)

  • TiaReturnz 4 years ago

    that foundation looks amazing:D im thinking of buying it myself, I would
    probably be the same shade as you by the looks of it, but do you know if
    the shade C1 is the same as shade Nc20?x

  • CosmeticConfessions 4 years ago

    @Brittany41586 I do think that C1 would be good for you if you are NC15. I
    was right in between C1 and C2 but they were sold out of C2 and I know that
    I’m just going to get paler as the winter comes. Because it is so sheer it
    is very forgiving shade wise. I hope that helps!

  • belovemay 4 years ago

    new sub because our skin seems to be the same I’m just a little darker

  • Brittany41586 4 years ago

    hey sweets, I am about an NC15 in MAC, do you think C1 would be ok for me?
    Love your vids and your FOTDs!

  • victimofstereotypes2 4 years ago

    Great review. I like that you included tips on how to work the foundation.
    Ur skin looks flawless without makeup. Cute disclaimer about that. And
    thank you for not rambling on about the packaging and other irrelevant
    topics. It bugs me. lol !

  • charlottepink54 4 years ago

    @satenkitti Its designed to be for kind of good skin, It doesnt go with
    spots(no offence) As its sheer, Try concealer

  • EmChatterBox 4 years ago

    I agree with Ashleyd032. Seriously! Your skin is AMAZING. I’m totally
    jealous! Loved how informative this was. Can’t wait to see more! KEep up
    the great work :)

  • Emily H 4 years ago

    i thought you were wearing makeup

  • Tammi169 4 years ago

    well i have to say i have been thinking about getting this Foundation for
    Quite a while and been looking at a lot of Reviews, because i don’t want to
    be wasting my money and you defiantly convinced me to buy the product, it
    shall be here in the next few days. I can not wait its kind of mad that i
    am so happy about it lol don’t think i have been so Happy about getting
    some makeup. Think i might make my first video about it :) and let you lot
    know what i think about it bye xx

  • CosmeticConfessions 4 years ago

    @alliebowbeauty MAC Face and Body initiailly seems expensive but you get
    four ounces (most foundations are 1 ounce) so the price per oz is actually
    more along the lines of a drugstore foundation. Also, this foundation is
    very forgiving in its color match because it is so sheer, so as long as you
    don’t get super tanned in the summer it will be able to match your skin for
    most of the year. I hope you like it as much as I do!

  • nicol six 4 years ago

    I like to mix the face and body with either my Mac longwear or my Make up
    forever and it really looks great! I do have oily skin but this mixture
    works pretty good for me. Their is one guru on you tube that uses the face
    and body UNDER her makeup…it looks really good on her! Loved the naked
    pallette tutorial…please do more! :) I think your video’s are one of the
    best on youtube…keep it up! :O)

  • CosmeticConfessions 4 years ago

    @ashleyd032 I’m glad you found it helpful :) and thank you :) hehe

  • Amy Smith 4 years ago

    if your eyebrow hairs are too long, then you can brush them up and trim
    them, also i have the bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation, i love the
    effect it gives as it is dewy, good coverage but not too heavy and isn’t
    oily, but doesn’t last very long, have you used it because i want to know
    if the mac face and body foundation is similar to this as i want it to be
    longer lasting! thanks x

  • VivaVistaMac1 4 years ago

    Do you think that this foundation would be good for dry skin?

  • satenkitti 4 years ago

    and also just to add, my skins not like completely cover in achne theres
    alot of spots like around my jaw eyes, cheaks that are just perfect skin.
    my main thing is I HATE HOW IT DRYS AND HOW IT LOOKS SO UNEVEN. it just
    kills me how my foundation has been, i would like to add studio fix powder
    over this? will it end up cakey? and ugly? (i like that perfect look:P)

  • Moni Marentes 4 years ago

    what shade were you in colorstay? :)

  • charlottepink54 4 years ago

    you look incredible without makeup:(

  • satenkitti 4 years ago

    @charlottepink54 actually if you apply it slower than what i did it
    thickens up and works out really good. like it apply one layer than a
    second and blend and use a poof and press powder into your skin method. if
    you have bump after bump with purple toned break out:P than i agree but my
    skins it isn acceptable clean but i got this to work, i touch up witha
    heavy duty concealer any days if its not enough. so it is buildable just
    like other mac products.

  • brezzylife 4 years ago

    you look more pretty without makeup.

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