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Thanks for watching! Tweet me: Instagram: rachieb15 Music by: McLeod Products: MAC soft ochre paint pot WnW vanit… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Courtney R 3 years ago

    Blondes look so good tan. Brunettes look so good fair. You’re beautiful,

  • garzanena 3 years ago

    Very pretty!! I love that you used drugstore products.

  • SparklewishMakeup80 3 years ago

    hi just subbed!! i love that u used drugstore products. do u have any other
    tutorials using wnw 8 pan palettes, trios, and/or the baked palettes? i
    love ur looks!!

  • navygirlist 3 years ago

    beautiful as always xoxo

  • _beautyqueen 3 years ago

    very pretty! even for a night out

  • Rose Kimberly 3 years ago

    soo pretty!!!

  • SparklewishMakeup80 3 years ago

    what shade r u in the bareminerals foundation?

  • Sabrina Yeates 3 years ago

    This is a beautiful look! I think I will break out my WNW shadows and give
    this a try! Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Erin Marie 3 years ago

    what brand and style are your false lashes did you use?

  • AllThatFresh 3 years ago

    Gorgeous!!!! =)

  • makeupTIA 3 years ago

    You look gorgeous, girl! Heather Silk is one of my favorite blushes. : )

  • LuvToComment 3 years ago

    hii new subscriber here :) your are really pretty and seem so sweet! great
    tutorial you did there :)

  • Courtney R 3 years ago

    Nail color por favor. : D

  • lilfeefifofum 3 years ago

    Gorgeous tutorial! When I was in high school I never new about the YouTube
    beauty community, I could have learned some great tips & tricks for Prom
    makeup! xo

  • Samantha J 3 years ago

    so beautiful!!!

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