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The shade of red lipstick is very important when it comes to complimenting your olive skin tone. Choose red lipstick for olive skin tone with help from a pro… See more of my work on facebook Portfolio website – Blog –… Video Rating: 4 / 5




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  • locacatify 4 years ago

    Read something every now and then

  • Robbyswifey009 4 years ago

    I think she knows what shes doing

  • gabrielalulaa 4 years ago

    she has olive skin you moron

  • well, your skin is the same color as mine, and I’m olive skin! :)

  • Olivia Gunn 4 years ago

    lol yes she does “olive skin” comes in many many shades

  • Diana15870 4 years ago

    she is olive toned) olive tones vary)

  • Simplicity992 4 years ago

    You don’t have olive skin..

  • Shawn Thompson 4 years ago

    I think I have olive skin too. Can you go into this skin type further? What
    color blush is best and what are the colors and undertones to stay away
    from? THANK YOU!!

  • maria199242 4 years ago

    im so glad your back ive watched all your videos atleast 20 times lol!! im
    so happy to see a new one!!

  • Mr7Crash 4 years ago

    I see the comments and people should read more books before they open their
    mouths! Olive skin is a Mediterranean skin tone, olive skin may seem white
    and pale in cold weather places where there’s less exposure to sunlight;
    once getting exposed to sunlight the skin immediately start gaining its

  • protestingwithjimmy 4 years ago

    not to be offensive or anything but you’re not olive skinned, you’re white
    with yellow undertones. olive skin is more like jessica alba/eva mendes etc

  • LamayaDuhh 4 years ago

    im the same color you are yay.! its hard to come by people my shade with
    makeup tutorials

  • Melissa Chartan 4 years ago

    Hi – my skin tone has no pink undertones and I rarely burn in the sun,
    tanning quite easily. This is what my studies and research has taught me
    that olive skin is.

  • Zunaira Malik 4 years ago

    You’re very pretty! And you look pretty olive to me haha

  • belovedobserver 4 years ago

    Her skin is so nice in the beginning already! Do my makeup instead so we
    can see a difference sheeesh hahaha!

  • alyssagoytia 4 years ago

    peachy tones! 😀

  • gaia1love 4 years ago

    olive skin tone means you have a yellow/green undertone. You can be light
    or dark and have an olive skin tone

  • SavourSweet 4 years ago

    Your skin tone isn’t olive…

  • Francisco Martin 4 years ago

    That color does NOT work with your teeth, sorry

  • ChicasTIME 4 years ago

    @rockonmakeup and @MrsMauraMae its a L’oreal infallible NEVER FAIL
    lipcolour compact

  • QueenSapheria 4 years ago

    She’s really pretty ^.^

  • rockonmakeup 4 years ago

    what lipstick is this? please reply :)

  • Erzincangule 4 years ago

    which lipstick is

  • Maura La Prova 4 years ago

    The red lipstick looks lovely on you. What is the product line and shade

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