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Cat Eye Makeup




  • NappyHalo 3 years ago

    that beautiful accent.(including that face) makes me grin up because it
    makes me love being Jamaican that much more…Big up

  • Cemone2006 3 years ago

    FIYAAA xx

  • DivawbigEGO Johnson 3 years ago

    Glad ur back….missing the vids

  • GreenApple375 3 years ago

    Where in Ja are you located?

  • Karolynn Browne 3 years ago

    Whats the NAME of that NYX Palette?

  • brandi bel 3 years ago

    i wanted to know because you have some great skin but i wanted to know
    cause i can never find the right foundation an i have the same skin
    complextion as you do but when i find a foundation or concealer for my
    face, it makes my skin look ashy,,so may i ask what foundation an
    concealer(if you use any) you use please help thank you

  • mz ANTIGUA 3 years ago

    Pretty look

  • 5starchick242 3 years ago

    You are AWESOME girl, Picasso aint gat nothing on you!!! you are so
    talented, stay blessed.

  • jamaicanchavelle 3 years ago

    Mi mix bap bap bap

  • lovelyleon33 3 years ago

    lyric, ho long does it typical take for you to get your ebay lashes, and is
    clearing them a hassle?

  • nahlesu nica 3 years ago

    if u just relaxed it thats the reason its not givin the thick look u want

  • ndouglasjam 3 years ago

    Where is ur store located?

  • TheGoldenArts 3 years ago

    Are you using just regular water to wet the brush in this video?

  • msraqueta 3 years ago


  • C800388 3 years ago

    I love your videos but when you do them can you put the products you used
    in the description bar

  • UNiiQU3 3 years ago

    I love it.

  • MakeUp4Lyfe 3 years ago

    I enjoy your videos!!! I will be vacationing in Jamaica in June… I’m supa

  • resa smart 3 years ago

    REP JA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rogueviewer1 3 years ago

    Love you, Lyric! Cool look for the eyes! What parish are you from, by the

  • sheeklady77 3 years ago

    I luv your version of a cat eye….absolutely stunning…girl you can stop
    traffic and cause a 10 car pile up..2 thumbs up

  • springertiffany68 3 years ago

    Can u upload this video please , it’s not showing clear!! Thnx

  • ruthy cutey 3 years ago

    mi afi guh try da makeup yah, trus mi, it shottttttttt!!!!

  • Diva Makeup, Hair & Nails 3 years ago

    i like ur videos good job. keep it up!!!!

  • Justyce Mcdoanld 3 years ago

    dwl I just luv you, repping yaadies all the way 

  • TenaciousDominion 3 years ago

    Sexy Sexy Smoldering cat eye look I am going to practice to perfect this
    look. you go Girl!!!! Beautiful look love the contacts

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