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Hey Guys, finally I’m uploading my7 first makeup tutorial, I really hope you guys like it. Request any looks that you would want to see, or Halloween stuff….. Video Rating: 5 / 5 hi, this is my way of doing makeup to jalan jalan.. especially going to shopping and dinner.. hope u guys love it.. feel free to comment n if u like my video… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Anis Nor Syuhada 3 years ago

    Makeup rupa gai.ha

  • asimasimot 3 years ago

    cantek lh make up ni … saye suke … tq,dah upload :)

  • arina mohd zin 3 years ago

    nice tutorial make up. love part mata tu. awesome sangat2. thumbs up.!

  • achoda02 3 years ago

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  • nur raihana 3 years ago

    hahahha bulu mata jatuh hahaha

  • TheMisuke88 3 years ago

    hermmm..vidio ni lg better kalau tiada back ground lagu yng tak

  • sha fani 3 years ago

    melayu rupenye…..o_O

  • aisyah sallehuddin 3 years ago

    sorry about the lighting deena :)

  • aisyah sallehuddin 3 years ago

    melayu kirat :)

  • moy coolz 3 years ago

    thx for sharing aisyah…panduan asas yg sgt bguna wat sy yg x pdai nak
    mekap..hehehe.. anyway, u sgt comel jg…upload la lg ye, TQVM! :)

  • aben aziz 3 years ago

    Lagu apakah ini. . Best nya. .

  • aisyah sallehuddin 3 years ago

    ty .. i will do it on my next video.. :)

  • aisyah sallehuddin 3 years ago

    @JodieAdel thanks dear :)

  • aisyah sallehuddin 3 years ago

    thank u mshijar! much appreciated!

  • maryam445555 3 years ago

    Keren cantik

  • aisyah sallehuddin 3 years ago

    thanks qayyimahaira :)

  • hanis82 3 years ago

    talented. but a little too much for everyday,no?

  • tehalol87 3 years ago

    Jp eh ko islam ke tak??

  • ana zailan 3 years ago

    Cantik tapi baju proper sikit baru sdp mata mmandang. 😀


    so sweeet …. i like this … <3

  • aisyah sallehuddin 3 years ago

    thanks tasha :)

  • LAXUSDNSEA 3 years ago

    good vid i suggest u tell what product u use..

  • Maudy38 3 years ago

    I like that your makeup…where you going….yg awk bermakeup makeup tu nak
    pergi mane dear?

  • TheHainy22 3 years ago

    lawa la , ade pakai contxlens ke ??

  • siti hanie 3 years ago

    will try it..just next time you can tell people what brand of your makeup
    you used…

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