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Not really a tutorial – just me playing around and doing my Halloween makeup run through. I will do some stuff differently next time. Products Used: MAC Prod… I love Dita! Let’s put burlesque aside…Dita’s image is admired throughout the world and we can all see why. S… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • frau tollifrau 3 years ago

    Awesome!!! xx

  • Cin Doe 3 years ago

    It looks stunning! Is the eyeliner you used a felt tip?

  • Linhh Pham 3 years ago

    dang man your accent is sexy!

  • krystletips 3 years ago

    Hi, Im always messing around with my hair but I always get a dark cool
    brown which is a semi- perm and use strengthening shampoo and conditioner.
    I also go in the stream room with coconut oil in my hair. x

  • krystletips 3 years ago

    brilliant. it is a lovely makeup look for everyone xx

  • bofsprucin 3 years ago

    Wow, thanks for the reply. You’ve just made my year!! Huge love n best
    wishes. B x

  • bofsprucin 3 years ago


  • krystletips 3 years ago

    Hi, Simple liner flick and red lips is my fave style just like this video
    to be honest. I do the liner flick everyday. Im quite boring when it comes
    to my own makeup on an everyday basis.

  • bofsprucin 3 years ago

    A belated Happy Birthday too. X

  • bofsprucin 3 years ago

    What is Your fave make up style?…What do You wear? If you don’t mind me
    asking…just, You are STUNNING! I mean with the make up off and natural.
    Not a Pervy question btw. Love ya, b xx

  • krystletips 3 years ago

    thank you. It is a brush. I find it really easy to use x

  • leymansfield 3 years ago

    what black hair dye do you use/what do you do to your hair to get it so
    incredibly shiny?! you’re gorgeous!

  • ViscountSqualo 3 years ago


  • Stephanie Bernal 3 years ago

    i think I’m going to do something similar to this for my Prom makeup,

  • Ruby Trevino 3 years ago

    I like your eyebrows love the look by the way

  • ValentinaC98 3 years ago

    Dita is perfect

  • Beth Skidmore 3 years ago

    i had a little practise and i cant do the eyeshadow at all! it sort of went
    all over the place! XD any tips? xx.

  • Johanna Brüel 3 years ago

    Awesome! Very well done! 😀

  • kata lozano 3 years ago


  • Die Katie 3 years ago

    Where do you get this wig? It’s so amazing!

  • crackkwhore69 3 years ago

    whats the name of the two first songs?:D and btw this is amazing! where did
    you buy you’re face cream!?!!?

  • missvirginiamassacre 3 years ago

    wow gasp

  • cristina giaconia 3 years ago

    vas acelerada no s entiende nada

  • AnisseTainted 3 years ago

    OMG! Fantasticno!

  • CupcakeVamp 3 years ago

    beautiful job!! :) And, no, I don’t think you have to lose 40 lbs…you are
    absolutely beautiful! Wonderful “playing around” :) For a playing around
    makeup session, your makeup came out flawless! :) Now, I think you and I
    should dance the Mamushka!! :) But, no throwing knives please, at least,
    not in the house. :)

  • kitnkabootle 3 years ago

    Try to use a small brush to create the crease line first, and then blend
    over top of it with a brush that has barely anything on it. The key is
    windshield wiper like motions and REALLY work at it. Don’t give up and
    don’t hestitate to use the pad of your finger to blend it right into the

  • mnicolaidou 3 years ago

    Do you use mixing medium with the white cromacake? Is it better than just
    apply it with water? Will it crack? Pls tell me. Thank you.

  • YaDesyre 3 years ago

    Too cute :)

  • merlina jaimes 3 years ago


  • kitnkabootle 3 years ago

    You can use anything really, but to get a fine point and an easy glide, use
    cream liner (or liquid) with a thin brush.

  • Stephani Houser 3 years ago

    omg please slow it down and do a tutorial! im going as morticia this year
    and your makeup is by far the best on youtube! its so perfect! except maybe
    the foundation is too light, but anyways please please do a tutorial
    explaining the products and steps :) youre gorgeous you did amaaazing!

  • BlueJeanBaby012 3 years ago

    I dunno if you can sing or act, but you’ve got the look for Morticia. Love
    this. *now is planning to be Wednesday next year*

  • dzgatsl 3 years ago

    morticia addams engordou kkkkkkkkkk

  • K0nnichiwaPrincess 3 years ago

    This is the song morticia and Gomez tangoed to lol nicee

  • wawiita2 3 years ago

    it’t perfectly made

  • MakeupFlyer 3 years ago

    this is by far the most accurate morticia makeup ive ever seen…

  • 33minniemouse 3 years ago

    luv it

  • XxcuttingprincessxX 3 years ago

    @cottonwhiskersuk dude…thats such a dick thing to say..

  • jojoangel1983 3 years ago

    Black contouring n this would of bern perfecto!!!!

  • Tisha Bathory 3 years ago

    El mejor que e visto (Y)

  • Andrea Nicole Rivera 3 years ago

    That was like very fast and yet its good i guest..

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