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This is part 1 of a complete Mineral based look tutorial by OxfordJasmine. Mineral Concealer in Warm (not shown in the video)… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • elfcosmeticsUK 3 years ago

    @trannystar As a make up artist, you know that before any type of
    foundation you need to leave 10 minutes after moisturiser or primer
    otherwise foundation just slips off or minerals just suck all the moisture
    up! :)

  • elfcosmeticsUK 3 years ago

    @Teddypigyyy You may find you need to apply a little less on your cheeks,
    but with the booster over the top it will prevent your skin from feeling
    dry. :)

  • Mia Ruhwedell 3 years ago

    Can you use the shimmering booster all over your face, or is it just
    intended as a highlighter? What brush did you use for the shimmer booster?
    And do you find it necessary to purchase and use both boosters? Please
    answer, I’m really considering buying a lot of the products mentioned. :)

  • Teddypigyyy 3 years ago

    I´ve got combination skin. Is the mineral foundation good for my skin?

  • inhae322 3 years ago

    Jasmine is definitely my favorite guru on your channel. She is always so
    detailed and great at explaining things. Another great video!

  • MissDeeCanada 3 years ago

    I really like that you know your products. It is easy to just apply makeup
    and have it look amazing, but I really get into a brand when someone really
    knows what they are talking about! Thanks so much for all your hard work
    and knowledge!

  • 123AuroraBorealis 3 years ago

    hi Jasmin. what colour booster and shimmer are you using.??? tnk, love ur

  • Atenn18 3 years ago

    you do not need any foundation!! ur skin is perfectt

  • tehslams 3 years ago

    I myself know quite a bit about applying make up and have seen quite a few
    tutorials on the subject, but I must say that this is one of the best! =)
    Jasmine really explains everything really good and I love that she gives
    that little extra information about the products, what it does and so on..
    Instead of just only saying What she’s using. =) Thumbs up! =D

  • bloodrebel1 3 years ago

    @elfcosmeticsUK nope i know for a fact that you dont. do give it sometime
    to soak in but you dont have to wait 10 min.

  • Dani Diamond 3 years ago

    10 minutes b4 makeup wow! lol i wud do that with a rich night cream sort of
    moisturiser but for day time id onyl say 3 – 5 mins tbh xD aswell with
    primer! but anyway i hate using minerals i get scared of using them on
    people lol anyhoo great tips! helps even makeup artists & beauty therapists
    like me so yeah =] xx

  • ZainubQ 3 years ago

    That’s the bad thing about elf minerals — there are only a handful of
    shades to choose from, so you have to go through the hard process of mixing
    your own shade.

  • elfcosmeticsUK 3 years ago

    @NatalieDouka The powder brush is great for applying mineral foundation
    just be careful not to buff too hard. The blending eye brush is not as good
    as the Studio Concealer brush simply because it is not synthetic and better
    for dry products than creams. :)

  • Natalie Douka 3 years ago

    Would you recommend the studio line powder brush for mineral foundation to
    achieve full coverage or it’ll buff out the product? Would you recommend
    the blending eye brush for cream concealer too? thanks for the tips!

  • galadrijella 3 years ago

    @JavariaNaveed it’s from elf as well, i have 2 of them, i must say they are

  • kukishop 3 years ago

    i wish elf had the black liquid liner :( nice tips

  • elfcosmeticsUK 3 years ago

    @JavariaNaveed this is an e.l.f Studio Kabuki brush

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