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Mileena from Mortal kombat Pics:…


  • Sauron000 4 years ago

    esiste un mastice apposta per aiutare ad aderire al lattice (quando occorre
    utilizzarne strati spessi)… per evitarne il distaccamento lo consiglio

  • Bela Borges 4 years ago

    All questions answered, thank you Ale

  • Ray Hannins 4 years ago

    You should be on face off

  • Bela Borges 4 years ago

    First of all, congratulations. I loved your makeup. Just curious how you
    made your teeth, what role used around, and if the color is black ink for
    rostou or some sort of shadow.

  • AleMeller13 4 years ago

    Awwww! Thank you so much!!!! <3 I'd like to post more things but i don't
    have time :/ And yes, for the teeth i used fake nails! i cut them to make
    them more pointy! Kisses from italy! :)

  • Sauron000 4 years ago

    un altro suggerimento è quello di suare il sangue finto all’interno della
    bocca, per rendere più “morbido” il nero

  • AleMeller13 4 years ago

    Grazie! =) ci avevo pensato solo ke volevo un effetto + “pulito”.. però si
    è una bella alternativa grazie

  • Sauron000 4 years ago

    vedrò quel che posso fare

  • AleMeller13 4 years ago

    grazie! bello poi posta le foto/video!!! 😀

  • AleMeller13 4 years ago

    Grazie! =) Però in sto caso volevo fare qualcosa con prodotti ke tutti
    hanno in casa ed ottenere un effetto “carino” senza usare latex o spirit
    gum o scar wax =)

  • AleMeller13 4 years ago

    Thank you so much! Yeah i forgot to mention that i made the teeth using
    fake nails! i cutted them pointy ! And at the end, while i’m creating
    shadows wherever i need it with a dark eyeshadow, i put a lil bit on the
    base of the teeth! I hope i could answer your doubts! for other questions
    i’m here! :)

  • Mohd Salman 4 years ago


  • maite vanny 4 years ago

    quanto tempo i vuole a crearlo ??

  • AleMeller13 4 years ago

    thank you so much! ehm i don’t know how is it in polish.. i searched on
    wikipedia the translation it it’s “Poli(octan winylu)” … does it makes
    sense? i even asked my mon (who is polish =) ) and she doesn’t know …
    however in english is called “polyvinyl acetate” but also white glue,
    school glue, elmer’s glue… =)

  • Soffi anto 4 years ago


  • DivineScream 4 years ago

    I totally loved that! You are very talented. I don’t understand your
    language though so could you wrote what glue did you use for sticking those
    pieces of paper? Greetings from Poland!

  • Cristina f 4 years ago

    thanks for the tutorial, gona have to do this for halloween :)

  • MissMamimi 4 years ago

    Amazing!! I never thought of doing papier mache to make it stick!! Thanks
    for this, i will be using it next year!!

  • iceey o 4 years ago

    Did you make your custome??

  • Dante 4 years ago

    auuuuuu bite me!

  • swilliamrex 4 years ago

    Very awesome…you should try a Sindel costume this year! lol

  • Sofija Lenhart 4 years ago

    where did you buy the teeth? 😀 can i find it in Vienna?

  • Makayla Mclaurin 4 years ago

    that was cool

  • ro87f150 4 years ago

    the teeth were made by buying fake white nails and cutting them in the
    shape of teeth. search “Mileena Makeup” and there’s another chick who did
    the same thing. I used both of these tutorials to create my Baraka/EMT

  • MrPezzzz 4 years ago

    God damn that looks legit

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