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Thanks for watching my middle school makeup tutorial! I used all drugstore products to make this look achievable to anyone Please comment, rate, and subsc… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • xMeggieMakeupx 4 years ago

    Do you have any tips on how to not get your eyeliner to smudge and run?
    Mine does like 5 minutes after I apply it! Any good eyeliners out there?

  • Brianna Allen 4 years ago

    If you dont want to break out i suggest not applying your makeup with your
    hands and clean your face

  • xMeggieMakeupx 4 years ago

    @glitzNglam411 thanks! what is the too faced one called?

  • prettylittleliars109 4 years ago

    can u plz make a video for people with glasses in middle school…i want to
    wear make up but i have issues with having glasses! thanx

  • Danielle D 4 years ago

    i love this look my mom doesnt let me wear maskara or eyeliner but she will
    probally lat me sometime this year. and can u do a ‘no makeup look’ i love
    watching those

  • millikanmodel1234 4 years ago

    were did you get most of your product? Which drug store?

  • XObeautylicious 4 years ago

    where is your scarf from

  • superrandom7 4 years ago

    @glitzNglam411 YEah:D

  • symmetricalastic 4 years ago

    What nail polish are you wearing?

  • glitzNglam411 4 years ago

    @08thebeautybarbie It’s Planks a Lot from the OPI Pirates collection :)

  • kenzz fezz 4 years ago

    omg love your shirt!(:

  • glitzNglam411 4 years ago

    @xMeggieMakeupx Set your eyeliner with an eyeshadow, or you could try a
    water proof eyeliner. My favorite eyeliner at the moment is a liner from
    Too Faced :)

  • glitzNglam411 4 years ago

    @superrandom7 That’s such a good idea!

  • allstyledup16 4 years ago

    i love your videos so muchhh<3!

  • glitzNglam411 4 years ago

    @symmetricalastic Planks A Lot from the OPI Pirates Collection

  • glitzNglam411 4 years ago

    @allstyledup16 Thanks :)

  • makeupNERDYS 4 years ago

    can you pleez make a vid for middle schoolers that have glasses with lotz
    of glare on them

  • MadelineKeyes 4 years ago

    I have that lip gloss from Victoria’s Secret! it looks, and smells
    amazing<3 couldnt live without it haha

  • glitzNglam411 4 years ago

    @abster4eva Yay I’m glad you like it!

  • ohhhmyjessie 4 years ago

    love it! can you do a back to school haul? :)

  • abster4eva 4 years ago

    I”m definitley trying this look even for high school 😛

  • zoeheartsclothes 4 years ago

    Would you recommend the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation for oily skin?

  • glitzNglam411 4 years ago

    @XObeautylicious Nordstroms BP :)

  • superrandom7 4 years ago

    Can you do a makeup video for the school ID picture im taking it on monday
    for my freshman year!

  • glitzNglam411 4 years ago

    @xoallthingsbeautyxo Thanks! It covers really well, sometimes it’s a little
    heavy sometimes but if you add sunscreen it becomes lighter and blends
    better :)

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