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  • AngryWhiteGurl 4 years ago

    Okay I gotta ask… and I know someone is going to call me a racist. Why do
    some Mexican chicks shave off their eyebrows and then draw them back in
    several inches higher, with a Sharpie pen? That is the ugliest thing I have
    ever seen!!!

  • Nada X 4 years ago

    some white chicks do that too…it’s a personal choice hun =)

  • LimeGirl08 4 years ago

    Expert Village sucks. Your model is beautiful, but your make up artist is
    just horrendous. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. The result is sloppy,
    hurried, and not very sophisticated. 1 star/5

  • Bozena Urquidi 4 years ago

    I cant hear anything

  • YTfancol 4 years ago

    No sound ????????????????

  • courtneyrao 4 years ago

    Angry, many are of Native ancestry. I am as well (Eastern Cherokee,) and we
    naturally have very sparse eyebrows. I have to use a pencil to fill mine in
    often, what little is there is jet black. In some cases, it is easier to
    shave them off and start from square one, but I don’t.

  • Sera Ramlal 4 years ago

    no sound boo

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