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Im putting on makeup for school and ran into a big mess up. How am I going to take it off!!! If you have any suggestions please put it in the comments!!!! Video Rating: 4 / 5


For Teenagers




  • gillian nemecek 4 years ago

    why are you acting that way?

  • TheFinalfantasy97 4 years ago

    die and do not go to heavin

  • easternbushman 4 years ago

    marykate olsen me two

  • Supitsk07 4 years ago

    Just stop

  • elijah Hokanson 4 years ago

    that is my sister

  • elijah Hokanson 4 years ago

    thats my sister

  • elijah Hokanson 4 years ago

    OKAY! this is his sister talking and TheFinalFantasy97 u know i can read
    right and im not eight anymore im a teenager so plz stop it was just a
    funny vid at 2 am and thats what my friends mom told me to do so STOP!!!!!!

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