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Red Bridal Look Please leave comments below For Bridal or party bookings please contact on 07715311770. Friends, If you want to learn makeup for Nikaah, then this tutorial is for, so try it out and share your experiences with us. Makeup Artist :- Ms Surya Pauda…


Bridal Makeup


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  • habibati1 4 years ago

    All that makeup and contouring and she still looks like she has deep circles under her eyes!!!

  • Samantha Derrick 4 years ago

    you are ignorant as hell! the woman is light/pale/fair to begin with!!! and everyone has their personal preference when it comes to “looks” there are some who loove deep dark bronzey looks and others love the dita von teese porcelain doll look! mind your business, i bet your some dark skinned bitter female who wishes she was as light as this model

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    Hi, Thank you for watching the video. This is one the earlier videos when I was new to Youtube and so was the makeup artist. Our newer videos are shorter and we shorten steps like applying foundation etc. Thank you for your inputs and keep watching our channel.
    take care

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    You are right. Individuals have their own preferences.

  • etoile filante 4 years ago

    Makeup artists agree that foundation should be the same colour than the skin tone. Not darker and not fairer either and for your information I am white so..

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    Well I am afraid that you are not quite right.

  • gill jimmy 4 years ago

    etoile my frd sme gals lik it lik that ….. am afraid that ur not a makeup artist areee uuuu. keep ur crap to ur slff plss..

  • gill jimmy 4 years ago

    i like ur wrk btw better then other lot in india

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    Thank you so much. You can book a makeup artist from VLCC for you marriage.

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    Indian girls look awesome with a foundation which is a shade lighter than their skin tone.

  • etoile filante 4 years ago

    They think they do ya. However, the truth is they would look so much better with their real colour.

  • sweet heart 4 years ago


  • Prabhjot Kaur 4 years ago

    looking awsmmmmm……

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    Thanks Prabhjot. Hope you like our other bridal makeup videos also.
    take care.

  • deepikamakeup 4 years ago

    the bride was beautiful. Loved her side piece on her hair ( i don’t know what exactly its called )

  • nidhi sharma 4 years ago

    which concealer & foundation u use on bridle face?

  • nidhi sharma 4 years ago

    which concealer & foundation u use on bridle face?

  • aminonu 4 years ago

    hi i really like this video.plz tell me when can i use foundation i mean after concealer or with concealer.plz help me out.

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    Thank you Deepika. The side piece is a must for Muslim brides.

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    Hi Nidhi,
    Both concealer and foundation are MAC.

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    We are doing some very detailed makeup tutorial videos. We will be covering all “how to” topics there. Concealer will be used before foundation. Hope that helps.
    take care.

  • rokeya meah 4 years ago

    you have used kryolan pain stick for concealer which shade did you use if you could tell me please thanks

  • armaankadirnikita 4 years ago

    Nyc one

  • Beauty Mantra 4 years ago

    Thank you for liking this bridal makeup.

  • llkuriinusall 4 years ago

    Wat color u use for her black eye brows and hair looking stunning can u show how to do them and foundation how you did

  • tigee2010 4 years ago

    Mashallah love the red on d lips, stunning bride

  • Melissa Valenzuela V 4 years ago

    she looks so gorgeous, she looks a little like mila kunis
    is there a video for the hair?

  • rizwan jaffar 4 years ago


  • Wafa Malik 4 years ago


  • HashtagTeam5 4 years ago

    Loveeee this’s

  • Haadiya Ilyas 4 years ago

    Lovely makeu.p

  • Mahes Riya 4 years ago

    Love the eyes make up but matte light lipstick would have suited better in my opinion…

  • vidisha mani 4 years ago

    the bride seen to be a bit nervous….to me

  • Rowa Zaid 4 years ago


  • evaggeliamy 4 years ago

    wow it’s so beautiful but I don’t understand why brides have to put so much mape up on..:/ is it part of the tradition or something??

  • Alicia Mahadeo 4 years ago

    All parts of an Indian or Pakistani wedding (Asian wedding), is very elaborate, colorful and a looonnnggg celebration. So even the makeup is elaborate and the bride is supposed to be the most decorated figure of the ceremony.

  • Tisha Dhana 4 years ago

    How did you do her hair like that can you send me how the back of hair looks I love it

  • jaskaran sandhu 4 years ago


  • jaskaran sandhu 4 years ago

    can u do my makeup plz answer me

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  • Lovely Ann 4 years ago

    the lady being made up has some bad mannerism with her mouth. she looks like she has asthma

  • Lovely Ann 4 years ago

    she looks like elvira munster with her hair.

  • Sharoz Ali 4 years ago

    Black eyes …nasty and how is she huffing and puffing .bad manners

  • yoyome2012am 4 years ago

    Omg, Wow :O
    Msa , so cute :-)

  • gypsijewel 4 years ago

    so pretty and exotic, love it, wish lighting had been better

  • susan fraser 4 years ago

    beautiful, what make up products were used please?

  • nada7rbi2013 4 years ago


  • mercedes irene MENDOZA PINEDA 4 years ago

    hermoso maquillaje!! me gusta!!

  • maraliannet 4 years ago


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