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This a video responds I am trying to do to add to PJsbeautyshop. Video Rating: 5 / 5


For older women




  • cherries1952 4 years ago

    Saw your response under PJ’s channel. I decided to subscribe. I’m 59 & have
    the crepey lids. Hate that & the sagging. I’m not afraid of using shimmer
    shadows. I will wear what I love. I won’t look foolish but I won’t play it
    safe. I hate the damn watery eyes, allergies also. Still line my eyes but
    just keep rubbing off the mess. Hope you make many more videos. Tough to
    find any decent videos for “mature” women. I feel quite immature lots of
    the time. Love your nails w/all the colors!

  • sandra1editing 4 years ago

    Your make-up looks wonderful.. you look great! New subscriber from
    Philicia’s channel.

  • gipsie100 4 years ago

    Thanks for liking the look, I still add a little bit of shimmer but no
    sparkles now xx

  • gipsie100 4 years ago

    Hi Sandra thanks for subscribing to my channel xxx

  • gipsie100 4 years ago

    Thank you Philicia. I wasn’t sure about the eyes I thought the colour
    looked a bit muddy on me. I have had some nice comments so it must be

  • PJsBeautyShop 4 years ago

    I’m so glad you did this as a video response. I think its a very nice look

  • longcara 4 years ago

    Love this look on you!! I have recently started doing an all matt look, i
    am finding with my hooded creapy eyes the shimmers and sparkle dont look
    right anymore, maybe just a little bit if i was going out.

  • gipsie100 4 years ago

    Hi there, thank you for subscribing to my channel. Well done for wearing
    what you want to I like to keep up with some of the fashions. I have only
    made one make up tutorial but I will try to do some more, though I am not
    very good at them. I saw in a magazine yesterday a celebrity wearing
    different coloured nail polish on each nail, did she see my video lol xxx

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