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For Photos and Updates “Like” my Page on Facebook! MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Tutorial Thanks for Watching… Pls Rate, C… Video Rating: 4 / 5 For Photos and Updates “Like” my Model Page on Facebook! This video will show you how I apply my foundation I hope this helps….


  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    Thank you!

  • XxXSyeDAXXX 4 years ago

    Does M.A.C still sell MAC Studio Stick Foundation SPF15, because on the
    site I cant find it so if you dont know I guess i’ll go to M.A.C the store

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @barbieimhot i did the vid… chk it out on my page =)

  • Jlhhp2006 4 years ago

    i notice you use the makeup on ur neck.. i have a problem with min rubbing
    off on my clothes, do u have that issue?? if so how do u prevent that wit
    this makeup??

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @collafulbutterfly Thank you!

  • caramelmommy23 4 years ago

    your hair is super cute!! are you natural? do you set your hair on rods?

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @junok2007 Thanks!

  • Bridget Lewis 4 years ago

    You’re freaking cute! <3

  • pnky2006 4 years ago

    love the video have you tried touch lipstick by MAC and MAC prolongwear
    paired with MAC chesnut lipliner if u wear liner and raisin blush

  • AishannaElisabeth 4 years ago

    It’s really hard to find videos that actually do natural looks but you’ve
    aced it completely and your so beautiful……thank you =]

  • LaBethLove16 4 years ago

    Your very pretty

  • mlsherman1982 4 years ago


  • Stephanie Jackson 4 years ago

    Wow, this video was good as well. Lotta steps though. Don’t know if I could
    do this everyday, which is probably whey I don’t wear makeup. But good
    work, though. Imma keep checkin you out for more tips. Do you have any tips
    on apply individual lashes or fake lashes?

  • beautiijunkii 4 years ago

    Great tutorial!

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @XxXSyeDAXXX No the mac stick has been discontinued! =( I did this vid over
    a year ago

  • Fransuwa Elenell 4 years ago

    I love the tutorial! I think that it would be helpful if you were clear and
    concise with what you are using and where you get your tools from. I really
    wish to get my skin to look flawless and a studio-ish look! ::D

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @sweetsweetsz Thank you! Did you chk out my eyebrow tut? =)

  • MrsJarette 4 years ago

    Love the lipstick …..

  • MsCaliente24 4 years ago

    wow thanks about the tape thingy on the powder it gets so messy when i open
    it. thanks

  • Heather Ette 4 years ago

    You are absolutely gorgeous and you don’t even need make-up, but thanks for
    the tutorials. Very natural.

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @beautiijunkii thank you!

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @Pawprintsess thanks luv!

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @KasHoOoOnah thank you!

  • junok2007 4 years ago

    great tip about the blush under the powder. Will def try that. Thanks!

  • Christina Boyd 4 years ago

    how do you get your hair like that??? perfect curls. it’s gorgeous!

  • lucylovesyoutoo 4 years ago

    ii fiinally found what ii was lookiing for! 😀

  • skerLao 4 years ago

    you are so pretty.. anyways, i need to ask, i live in a tropical country
    its humid and hot so gurls here dont usually use foundation so i dont know
    what is primer and fix spray for?

  • PearlLundin 4 years ago

    is your hair a weave?? do you have a review on it cz its really hot

  • kenyagirl2009 4 years ago

    @kaykay661562 ppl recommend milk of magnesia check out mrsdivalikes channel
    on her tutorial

  • Nitra813 4 years ago


  • Alexis Nash 4 years ago

    your pretty

  • cathyf2003 4 years ago

    luv the video, would you saw NW 45 is darker than NC50?

  • kinksandkoils 4 years ago

    Mahogany you are my favorite makeup guru. You inspire me to get up earlier
    before work and put more time and effort into my appearance. By the way,
    your skin is glowing!

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @AlexisN09 Thank you… So are you!

  • phenomena17 4 years ago

    chocolate beauty.. your so hot

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @daricnd thank you. wet and wavy

  • Llh lhh 4 years ago

    k tal? lol

  • beautypower42 4 years ago

    Great job on this! What kind of hair is that? (Brand and type)

  • MAROCLOVE100 4 years ago

    u r beautiful without make up (sorry i dont speak english very
    well….hehehe im from spain)

  • Fashionlova89 4 years ago

    what type of hair is this???? Love it!

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @Curcudusa thank you =)

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @Holidaystyles9 thanks

  • Nuffdimplez 4 years ago

    Lovely ur so gorg!

  • fiona asiko 4 years ago

    your hair looks really nice where did you get it from

  • kenyagirl2009 4 years ago

    which camera do you use?

  • Joy Umekwe 4 years ago

    hi can i use a dark MSF.. i usually mis NC45 with NC50 during the summer to
    get my perfect look..a little more of NC50 though, do you reckon it’ll be
    okay to use MSF in dark

  • mahogany252 4 years ago

    @barbietwinss Thanks for watching

  • CaptainAdizah 4 years ago

    i’m not sure whether i am NC or NW

  • tbrooksnov1 4 years ago


  • Fabulousitylovespink 4 years ago

    So pretty and natural looking!

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