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This look is inspired by Lauren Conrad. To see the inspiration picture and a list of all the products used, go to… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Florence H 4 years ago

    r u a professional makeup artist?

  • Guitarandmakeup 4 years ago

    do u improve your camera?

  • Lawla 4 years ago

    yaaaay HD!!! <333333

  • corineashley07 4 years ago

    This makeup is exactly like Lauren Conrad! Thank you!!

  • MyClw 4 years ago

    Thanks learning a lot Thanks God Bless:)

  • Kris Mars 4 years ago


  • jaydiva626 4 years ago

    your freckles are so pretty! *jealous face*

  • cindyl00wh00 4 years ago

    omg what happend to ur nice pale skin???

  • theprincessdiana89 4 years ago

    what brush did u use for the cat eyeliner?

  • jjal321 4 years ago

    hey good job! you def know what your doing

  • bobfryfish 4 years ago

    You went HD…so now I am a subbie,he he!

  • Nessa Rose 4 years ago

    Gorgeous look! Your so talented

  • Catherine Chiu 4 years ago

    @ stephd211 I’m an NC 35 with dark brown hair too! ๐Ÿ˜€ eman i’d love to hear
    your suggestion also. I’m wearing Brun eyeshadow from MAC for my eyebrows
    right now but sometimes I feel it might be too dark.

  • Maricela Guajardo 4 years ago

    Girl, you look tan and glowy like you just came back from a Brazilian
    vacation! You look great and nice tutorial, you got her look down.

  • april 4 years ago

    @julie5880 lol but i’m canadian and neither do i or any of my friends talk
    like that haha its just a habit i guess

  • Ana Lopez 4 years ago

    Eman i love this look on you and thanks for the new camera, you look
    gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • PinkGlitteryStars 4 years ago

    oooooooooommmmmmgggggggg HD!!!! love it!

  • Nikki H 4 years ago

    How is it you look even prettier with an HD camera? Your looks are just

  • Oshin Sr 4 years ago

    You have no idea how many times I have practiced the winged eyeliner look.
    I have watched a zillion number of tutorials, experimented with various
    brushes, pencils, gel liners, hourglass eyeliner pen, loreal felt tip pen,
    etc. and I still can’t get the wing right. I really don’t know what I seem
    to do wrong. Any tips? Ideas? Excellent tutorial.

  • ilesx3 4 years ago

    whoooaaaa where did all those freckles come from !?

  • rasmineemaiangowi 4 years ago

    Do you work at a make counter? LOL You talk like them ๐Ÿ˜›

  • socalbeachgurl4 4 years ago

    Whatever…who cares about what camera she uses …lol… are
    Amazing!!! Love all ur tutorials :)

  • PinkyLadybird 4 years ago

    NEEEEEEW CAAAAAMERA!!!!!!!!! I FREAKING LOOOVE IT!!!! oh my god, that was
    soooo overdue!

  • clarialva 4 years ago

    @nworb yes, thatis the correct way to say it, thank you. i think it looks a
    little dirty or too tan also. love any other tutorial sheยดs done before
    but, this one is a little too caky for me

  • jackandlill 4 years ago

    Eman, it’s been so great to see you back! You look wonderful &
    congratulations on your new job with THEM! I like how you are showing a
    “before” & “after” shot at the beginning of the tutorial so we can really
    see the difference side by side. Best of luck to you!

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