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  • camaurice4 3 years ago

    I think all your personalities are great! LOLOL If you were nearby i would
    definitely love to hang out. Good luck with your classes.

  • baobeibee21 3 years ago

    her name is esther 😀 hehe

  • dancenattydance 3 years ago

    I LOVE IT!

  • graceelovesmakeup 3 years ago

    heyy jinah! just wondering and of course i have a monolid as well, but
    liquid eyeliner usually cracks on me.. idk if it happens to you and if it
    doesnt, do you recommend the eyeliner you used in this video?

  • ashunbaybee 3 years ago

    i love the sweatshirt! looks cute on you!

  • Madison Diane 3 years ago

    LMAO you are the cutest thing ever, the face/sound you made at 3:34 was the
    cutest thing everrrrr! your adorable girl

  • VxBALLxCHICS 3 years ago

    wat kind of liquid eyeliner do u use?? it looks like it works good:)

  • Kasey Xiong 3 years ago

    wow! love it! and are those your real eyes! or are they contacts? cuz they
    look beautiful!

  • Emochild010 3 years ago

    studio fix haha

  • MakeupGwen77 3 years ago

    aw you look so cute, I really like your hair like that too. And i love
    listening to you talk you have an awesome voice!! It makes you interesting
    and gives you personality=)

  • Krista Kay 3 years ago

    She said at the beginning she got it at H&M (:

  • Blondey961 3 years ago

    @luxurycookies It sure is! 😉

  • Lisa Jung 3 years ago

    You are my favorite makeup guru on youtube. You are so cute and down to
    earth and I just love watching your videos!

  • epicroonie 3 years ago

    definately check out Serendipity, it’s heaven I promise. Be sure to order
    the frozen hot chocolate!

  • jeneesum 3 years ago

    Hey Jinah! the brightening cream you’re using is from LaRoche Posay. I
    guess it’s prescribed in Mexico, but it is an off the counter product here
    in Canada; so you don’t need a prescription from a doctor/dermatologist to
    get it. Hope that helps your viewers! =)

  • fushiababi 3 years ago

    6:30, i love this, but everytime i try to put anything along there it
    irritates it making my eyes water and it gets frustrating. Any tips??

  • Sprinkletwinkles 3 years ago

    I love your sweatshirt :DD

  • chloe hersh 3 years ago

    hahah i agree with ballofsunshine19 (:

  • Krista Kay 3 years ago

    I LOVE that sweater! I think I’m going to get one, this weekend 😀 I love
    your videos, you’re so cute (:

  • lilanette22 3 years ago

    Wow! your so pretty without your makeup seriously i think you dont even
    need makeup! aha i love your vids

  • Genessis .Brito 3 years ago

    Ooh so u wanna b a chef!? Awsomee :)

  • woot12o1 3 years ago


  • Aiza Sumpay 3 years ago

    ahahaha you rock!!!thanks..^^

  • latinprincess36 3 years ago

    I am so going to H&M store …lol u look cute..glad ur back jinah..ur so
    funny n

  • rachelxduhh 3 years ago

    when you have alllllll that eyeliner on it’s scaryyyy .

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