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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Video Rating: 4 / 5 how to style short curly hairstyles how to style short curly hair for boys how to style short curly hair for men how to style short wavy hair how to style sh… Video Rating: 0 / 5


  • karen coleman 4 years ago

    We always apply the glaze first then the mousse. We have a usage guide on
    the website.

  • summerjewel63 4 years ago

    which product did you apply first..the glaze and then the mousse. why no

  • nepanthe45 4 years ago

    by the way my hair would be classified as 4c.

  • nepanthe45 4 years ago

    thanks. i take good care of my hair. i think i will order. thanks for
    taking the time to respond.

  • nepanthe45 4 years ago

    is her hair natural? i have really thick dense hair. will that product work
    for me?

  • karen coleman 4 years ago

    most people like to just twist and go cause it will air dry not leaving any
    residue . but you can opt to sit under the dryer as well .

  • NaturallySexie3000 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this video. We need more of you to educate the women out
    there who decided to go BACK 2 NATURAL.

  • karen coleman 4 years ago

    yes her hair is natural . that’s the only time the finger twist can work in
    the best way . I designed the product to work for everyone . how it works
    is based on how well you take care of it. wash on a regular and consistent
    basis .

  • karen coleman 4 years ago

    we used a line of product . and one doesn’t work without the other . Xtra
    Clean Shampoo, Restore Leave-in Conditioner glaze and mousse thats our
    product list that primarily use for these curly styles .

  • 314kimmy 4 years ago

    Did u only use foam and did she sit under the dryer? It looks like she has
    naturally curly hair too

  • karen coleman 4 years ago

    the glaze would go first right after you shampoo and conditioner is rinsed
    out. then you would apply the mousse often time i mix the two together in
    my hands and then apply to the hair . sorry for the delayed response,
    things get a tad busy and sometimes i forget about the comments people
    leave .

  • lena B 4 years ago

    That is so beautiful what’s the name of the product

  • Sheila Brooks 4 years ago

    Great video thanks

  • Adrienne Bullock 4 years ago

    Do yuu have yuu get under the dryer or do it air dry?????

  • Adrienne Bullock 4 years ago

    Oh and what is the name of the glaze may i mi8t add???? and do they have
    several i can
    choose from??

  • iloveaudreyj 4 years ago

    love the look but what did you use ? did you air dry? did you curl it after
    you separated it or did her hair naturally curl? what kind of texture did
    she have before you put the white stuff in there??????

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