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Sephora Haul Natural, Quick And Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial: Ways To … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Thanks for watching Comment, like and subscribe xoxo.


  • pinkflavourz 4 years ago

    love it, pliizzzz do pics @ the end of yo videos smoooches

  • ShivzBeauty 4 years ago

    @pinkflavourz will do hun. Forgot to do that :) xoxo

  • ShivzBeauty 4 years ago

    @cosmiikluv Thanks hunny xoxo

  • cosmiikluv 4 years ago

    Love it, you look gorgeous babe! xoxo

  • debonairt 4 years ago

    what are your other two female reproductive systems? i dont get it

  • helloshalom1 4 years ago

    is that a spider man blanket!?!?

  • Karli Endow 4 years ago

    Feel better Cassandra! <3 And thank you for uploading so late! I'm not
    tired but there's nothing to watch on YouTube until I saw your pretty
    little sick face in my sub box!

  • Nohemi Ayon 4 years ago

    Im sick too,which is why im in YouTube at 4:00am. It doesn’t let me sleep.

  • ohkrasavica 4 years ago

    omg my ear started to hurt last night and now i see this video heh

  • debonairt 4 years ago

    @lollsazz whats the video called? if you know, please tell me it wud help a
    lot thanks :)

  • David Hurst 4 years ago

    If ear infections happen again and again, allergies may be the cause. I
    have some videos posted here on YouTube.

  • Jessica Roach 4 years ago

    Wait, you have 2 reproductive systems? O.o

  • TheresaFication 4 years ago

    hope you get well soon Cassandra!!!! <3 take care okay <3

  • KC Wells 4 years ago

    you have amazing teeth and beautiful eyes.

  • luckyanna007 4 years ago

    You are so lovely!

  • Kristalclear09 4 years ago

    I have that pain right now :/

  • MessCapri Aqua 4 years ago

    get well soon =]

  • illonky 4 years ago

    Ears are connected with throat by Eustachian tubes, that’s why ears hurts
    people,who suffer from purulent tonsillitis. It may even cause otitis. Hope
    you’ll get well soon!

  • MissPopeyes22 4 years ago

    @susieq242 it does! i used to drink a big glass of fresh orange juice
    everyday for the purpose of strengthening my immune system. During flu
    season while other people were too sick to attend classes what with soar
    throats and high fevers and all i felt was little bit weak. This is the
    BEST prevention remedy

  • rahaf sultan 4 years ago

    I am the first girl see the video and I’m happy … I hope that you go

  • clover2880 4 years ago

    Im really sick too…Hope u get better!!! AND thanks for making videos
    while ur sick…. I couldn’t brinig myself to..:)

  • TheKatieSmile 4 years ago

    gross but so intresting :)

  • Mawlin Adolfsson 4 years ago

    I have 3 kidneys! And also alot of problems with it..

  • Bree Henry 4 years ago

    oh my, good luck with everything!! :)

  • Genevieve K 4 years ago

    I just had the same thing during spring break! Feel better

  • jose11032 4 years ago

    So nice to see a ‘normal’ person behind the screen, who can be stunningly
    beatiful but also sick and ‘miserable’. Thank you for being you, I wish
    there were more like you in this word :o)

  • Rhyannan Taylor 4 years ago

    I love how she is comfortable enough to make video’s for us without makeup
    on. :3 ♥

  • ForeverPinkRose 4 years ago

    I hope you get lots better soon, Cassandra! <3

  • Victoria Dailey 4 years ago

    Your skin looks so much better !

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