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  • Denise Deschanel 4 years ago

    I liked your video:)I got my first job and I’m debating if I should spend my first whole check on sephora because ever since I’ve discovered makeup it’s been a dream to at least buy one thing from there. All my life I’ve used drugstore products and for the frost time I feel like I Gould celebrate since its my first job..and my celebration will be makeup. I feel like going in saying, ‘hi I’m new, I have this much money and I’d like to spend it. Can you help me? And show me how to apply it’ lol

  • maddielovessparkles 4 years ago

    I like getting eyeshadow from sephora because i feel it is better quality. I dont wear foundation yet but when i need to i will probably buy it high end because it is better for your skin. I like maybelline mascara and concealer.

  • MsGreer01 4 years ago

    No nars in NZ :( i can get it in aus though i brough orgasm recently for 46$

  • glitzygirl523 4 years ago

    omg!!! i live in the us and think its over priced and wont buy it. why is makeup so much more internationally?

  • elsker413 4 years ago

    your home look so comfortable and nice.

  • lelia02 4 years ago

    Can you make a vid of maybe some products that are high end but worth spending the money on? Like you said some are good and some are bad.. Maybe a heads up on ones that are bad so we dont go and buy them? Idk Im lost at this stuff

  • MyNameIsKedryn 4 years ago


  • NothingButCain 4 years ago

    NZ companies buy from America and bump up the price so they can make a profit :( It’s like that in Aus and, to a lesser extent, Britain. I want to go to America for a holiday just so I can buy makeup much cheaper lol

  • xEliseLovesYoux 4 years ago

    Omg, get to the fucking point!

  • TheFeathers12 4 years ago

    How much do you spend on makeup anyway?

  • OfficialLinneaK 4 years ago

    Drugstore in sweden is 20$+ can u freaking believe it?! That’s MSNDIZBFZKDDH making me mad:(

  • hope2nou95 4 years ago

    Thing about makeup is no real resale value except collectors items.Not always the case I’m sure

  • AnnaP Rez 4 years ago

    I stopped collecting make up when I realized how much of my money goes into it. I already have a lot and most of it give me the same shade, effect, and texture- they just come in different brands and packaging. So, I’m gonna use what I have at the moment and put my money somewhere else.

  • EnfantDuPrintemps 4 years ago

    I just keep rebuying my products, because like that I don’t have to think about what products could be good. :)

  • Cassidyandkarlie 4 years ago

    The only high end makeup I own is the naked 2 Palette.

  • Erik Bekirsky 4 years ago

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  • RaqC10 4 years ago

    A video on high end products worth the money would be more helpful

  • Sara Ludwig 4 years ago

    Thank you for this video! I collect makeup too, and will never use everything that I have. I will also continue to buy more!

  • MsFoobal 4 years ago

    i liked this because of the barbie head in someones drink hahaha

  • xolovebeautyxo 4 years ago

    Love your makeup!!:)

  • Krystle Crossman 4 years ago

    Coins or quarters? Lol ur to funny :)

  • fashiondoll24 4 years ago

    Its what you love I think. Some people are obsessed with jewellery etc and these people u see on youtube with big collections its because they have passion for makeup. Its a good thing because u don’t wanna b into drugs or alcohol.

  • itsallaboutya 4 years ago

    can you please make a makeup collection video? xx

  • Jazzy Fizzle 4 years ago

    Love high end makeup, mac is just as expensive as Dior or YSL here in Australia, so I just buy the designer stuff!!

  • MichelleChanel 4 years ago

    hahahaha someone please make a video of putting your barbie heads in the icebox and film it.

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