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Here is another Halloween look for you guys! XOXO Cherry Dollface http://www.twitter…. Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • amanda devoid 3 years ago

    you did an awesome job! love it:) you are so talented!

  • musicbirdladeeda 3 years ago

    can you do a jessica rabbit tutorial?

  • z tripp 3 years ago

    perfect! morticia is my fashion idol thank you

  • stuckinabutton 3 years ago

    what is a great lipstick in red that doesn’t come off easy and lasts?

  • Lisa Hagart 3 years ago

    Ok that is FREAKY….i have been in love with your vids for about 1-2 years
    now and i have recently fallen back in love the the Addams Family and ws
    trying to find a morticia Addams makeup tutorial for about 2 weeks!!!!…I
    LOVE YOU!!!! <3

  • itsyourfinalhour 3 years ago

    OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHERRY. I live in Australia and I don’t
    celebrate Halloween, however I am going as Morticia Addams to my last day
    of high school. Cool. Bye!

  • GorgeousAndBeyondTV 3 years ago

    Michael Jackson

  • PrettyPistol86 3 years ago

    that’s great you did this tutorial cuz i’m subscribed to you….my husband
    has been planning on being gomez & i was planning on morticia. :) (& my
    daughter will be wednesday haha)

  • Melissa Hernandez 3 years ago

    At first u thought u were micheal Jackson LOL R.I.P! V_V

  • ahoipuppe 3 years ago

    The tutorial is awesome as always…and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your music choice!
    Mad marge is one of my favourites even though i’m from Germany! Love your
    tutorials! 3

  • AbeVonThrash 3 years ago

    Do u take request?? If so can you do Elvira?? :O

  • CarnivalCliche 3 years ago

    you’re incredibly pretty oh my

  • Alexin1derland 3 years ago

    Hi! Question, pls: Could you do a vid on types (not brands) of products? We
    know the basics, (eyeliner, mascara etc.), but some product types are not
    so well known. Paints, for example – no more creased eyeshadow! :) You know
    a lot about specialize products. Different types of current eyebrow
    products, for example – which works best under what conditions etc. This
    could be incorporated into techniques videos, too. It would be AWESOME!
    Thanks for all your stuff. :)

  • helloitsmeitsme16 3 years ago


  • OldHollywoodJunkie7 3 years ago

    tv show morticia addams all the way :) i think carolyn jones was beautiful,
    and actually quite sexy as morticia!

  • AbeVonThrash 3 years ago

    Oh my very nice!!! You really look like her! 😀

  • Diana Kiddo 3 years ago


  • Samantha Gentry 3 years ago

    can you do a sexy chucky type thing but something more feminine than the
    actual chucky? :)

  • LILJomiBB 3 years ago

    omg I cant even apply lashes like the glue never holds on the ends, but I
    love the way you did it here im so going to try that way!!! and more
    tutorials please please please!!!

  • Alexin1derland 3 years ago

    ps.Love your videos. <3 You also comment on why you make the product
    choices you use, which makes it so much easier to remember if we need to
    use replacements, and most of us do, I bet. Also love that you make it
    about the topic, not how 'cute' you are (even if you are. Smiles). This one
    is no exception - great quality as always. Been trying to get this one
    right for decades, so I'm pretty grateful! Thanks.

  • Miladyleela 3 years ago

    Cherry, I love how you dot the eyelash glue on either end for a
    guide….Great tip!!!! Thanks!

  • danielle bizzell 3 years ago

    You look really cute with black hair <33

  • Kalyn Jade 3 years ago

    Very awesome, keep up the good work :)

  • Cherry Dollface 3 years ago

    Ruby Woo by Mac!

  • Veera Pirttilahti 3 years ago

    yay adams family is the best thing eeveeeeer!

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