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The day before the Toronto Independent Music Awards, I went down to see @JasBanwait to pick up my suit, attended a meeting with the organizers and volunteers… Video Rating: 5 / 5


  • Alison Steeves 4 years ago

    Every t-shirt you’re wearing in this video is my favorite.
    It was awesome seeing you! :)

  • mikey3seat 4 years ago

    Bring it back to 1990 like DJ Jazzy Jeff.

  • Sheldon Levine 4 years ago

    now we’re vloggin’

  • Mike Tucker 4 years ago

    hey that was Cathy Lee Crosby/ Wonder Woman, at the very end!

  • mikey3seat 4 years ago

    “bring mama some cooookies”

  • Ben McCord 4 years ago

    I AM ready for you to bring 1991 back!

  • tallshortie 4 years ago

    Hall&Oats! 😀
    You make funny voices :3 I oober aughed when you said “goobye kids”

  • Ben McCord 4 years ago

    I wasn’t expecting the SHOES!!! bring em back!

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