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This is what I’ve been wearing for the last little while and if this changes I will upload a current routine. For upcoming makeup tutorials, my face will alr… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Alicia Khan 3 years ago

    You’re hot!

  • jalapena2007 3 years ago

    I was wondering what shade you are in mac? I have the sheer glow and I love
    it but it’s a bit too light and I want to order a darker one. I’m usually
    nw20 but could do 25. I can’t decide between santa fe and punjab. So hard
    to choose shades online… Thanks!! XOXO Heidi

  • Nailtigerliz 3 years ago

    Love this tutorial. Please do one on your eyes at the beginning. The color
    on your lids is so nice.

  • misschely07 3 years ago

    Great Video! What nationality are you? if you don’t mind me asking. Your so

  • prettyinblack1989 3 years ago

    Soooo pretty!

  • purpleray10 3 years ago

    I love your videos! I have a question for you. I want to apply Nars Sheer
    Matte by hand. Could you tell me how your face looks when you apply this
    foundation by hand? Thank you. P.S. I have been watching your videos since
    last year and I am so happy that you are back!

  • blushingpixie 3 years ago

    wow that is so nice!

  • hkitty1122 3 years ago

    You’re beautiful even without makeup! So jealous! lol 😀

  • simone3801 3 years ago

    Your skin is stunning!! did you change your facial routine or do you follow
    the same skin care regime If not can you please do an updated skin care

  • kjv80 3 years ago

    I really want to try the Nars foundations! Thanks for the video.

  • star4lyfe1 3 years ago

    wow how didu get ur face to be that soft and clean its amazing….ites
    perfect..u dont even need to put anything on

  • blushingpixie 3 years ago

    I LOVE ember glow! Thanks for watching hun! <3

  • blushingpixie 3 years ago

    @laceyd1000 I use the naturalfx. I still use it if my skin is really
    sensitive or irritated, it still works great on me. The sheer matte is
    lighter and I am liking that right now. I am going to try a BB foundation
    next. :)

  • blushingpixie 3 years ago

    It’s nice too but I like the matte because of my senstive skin. Matte is
    harder to blend though. :)

  • MissBrunette89 3 years ago

    wow your skin is amazingggggg

  • morenita preshus 3 years ago an nc35 in mac and punjab in nars…good luck

  • ImThePrettyGirl 3 years ago

    you’re beautiful

  • naisan 3 years ago

    have you ever use YSL foundations?

  • KissenMakeup 3 years ago

    Would it be possible to do a hair tutorial on how you make your hair so
    lovely and curly?

  • rbred378 3 years ago

    Thank you for using NARS sheer MATTE foundation. Many use NARS sheer GLOW
    foundation and I wanted to see the finish of matte version badly.

  • smilingsandra 3 years ago

    Beautiful! Your skin looks flawless! I’ve heard so much about Nars
    foundaton….I’m going to have to try it soon.

  • bab turden 3 years ago

    you are so beautiful, it’s unbelieveable! with or without makeup

  • thebarbiewithmuscle 3 years ago

    Hey hottie, now see in this video you couldn’t even see any discoloration
    on your eyes. Just as cute with as without make up! for referance sake,
    what color would you be in a mac foundation. I am NW 35 in the summer, and
    there is not one other guru that I’ve found so far with anything close to
    my color. People are either ghostly white, or NC 40. I must have really
    weird color.

  • blushingpixie 3 years ago

    yes, nars primer

  • 33haydz 3 years ago

    thanks…really help..

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