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Subscriber for free here: B… Video Rating: 4 / 5 How I use the Coastal Scents Black Synthetic foundation brush. It’s available here for .99:…


  • honey2u666 3 years ago

    when u have time, can you do a skincare routine especially product you
    recommend or use for your eyes. any eye cream and for face. my parents are
    worried about my skin bcs i use eye makeup everyday and they want to keep
    my skin good, too. i wanna get the foundation brush now!

  • MandyMann86 3 years ago

    @googleflex shes using revlon photo ready foundation she mentioned it
    before applying it and showed the bottle!

  • mzmegandanielle 3 years ago

    that looks sooo pretty and nt too heavy like you said.. I likeee :] but yes
    id also like to know what shade the concealer is…and one more ?. How
    often do u clean that brush, and does it cause breakouts?

  • expressiions 3 years ago

    You don’t even need any foundation, you look beautiful without any.

  • Heather Garcia 3 years ago

    everytime you have your hair up you look just like Ashley Judd. Thanks for
    the vid, this brush is on the top of my list right now.

  • SRILANKANMIX10314 3 years ago

    You always do a Great Job :)

  • kimmiem231 3 years ago

    woah that gives a really nice finish also what shade are you in that photo
    ready foundation

  • kimmie499 3 years ago

    Shouldn’t you have a FTC disclaimer??

  • sanarani66 3 years ago

    your tutorial is just soo helpful…thanks hun..and of cos u are very
    pretty :) and I find u very honest in ur videos :) keep it up babe :)

  • jadeflowersforever 3 years ago

    That’s the same problem I have………..

  • albi sh 3 years ago

    What do u have on ur cheeks ??

  • sparkybish 3 years ago

    Wow you can really see the sheen in the Revlon photo ready in this video!

  • colombianaj93 3 years ago

    do you ever watch these kind of videos and want to be like: “no wait, blend
    over there, you missed that spot!” and then they dont? idk i get so ocd

  • sweetcharade518 3 years ago

    I liked how you used a color so much darker than your skin tone, it really
    made it easy to see what you meant when you used the brush.

  • idah66 3 years ago

    dear.. I really love your vid..and subcribe to your channel but the thing
    is your vid is a bit orangey..I hope you can do make up tutorial in normal
    lighting..thanks a lot

  • MissLeigh78 3 years ago

    You’re prettier sans makeup.

  • Carolyn Meyer 3 years ago

    nice vidd!

  • hotgirlzzz 3 years ago

    ur so pretty without makeup

  • 1990Hanan 3 years ago

    thanx dear!! love it

  • Sweetmurry 3 years ago

    Hey emily, I’ve tried both a type of have foundation brushed but I never
    get a application that compares to useing a triangle sponge… I use the
    revlon color stay… how have the applications with the colorstay worked
    for u?

  • easton1187 3 years ago

    @googleflex Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, she says it when she starts the
    tutorial part.

  • googleflex 3 years ago

    @tuaprincessa lol oh dear. i’m sorry. i thought that was the name of the
    brush. lol :S

  • honeypennyful 3 years ago

    Love this brush! Everything you say about it is so true, and it’s so soft!
    During your introduction, I was wondering what you used for makeup, because
    your skin is just beautiful! Then….I see you have flawless skin to begin
    with…….lucky you! lol….xox

  • BLANCA659 3 years ago

    wow emily u look really good witout n e make up!

  • googleflex 3 years ago

    just curious, which foundation is that? it loooks really smooth and creamy.
    Great video, you look soo cute with ur hair up and no makeup! hehe. Thanks
    for the awesomness :)

  • Loopysquish 3 years ago

    If anyone is wondering where to buy a foundation sponge like that… you
    can order them on ebay, from China, for about £1.25 each, or roughly $2 or
    so I think. =) Delivery takes awhile, but for the price its great value!! =)

  • voblee 3 years ago

    Gorgeous! Your makeup tutorials are my favourite. Short, concise and
    informative :)

  • Ella King 3 years ago

    Hey where can you get Elf products in Ireland?? xxx

  • styleandbeauty 3 years ago

    Were can your purchase the primer??? :)

  • Meg E 3 years ago

    I love your eyelashes!

  • abby louise 3 years ago

    You are so beautiful omg

  • Kathleen Robertson 3 years ago

    Would you recommend using a primer always before? Does it make you’re make
    up last longer? Also some people say if you put hairspray on after you’ve
    applied all you’re make up it stays on longer, is that true? Would it
    damage skin in anyway? xxx

  • dazzlingx3 3 years ago

    did you put powder on the powder plush

  • dulcestar0122 3 years ago

    Please help me find the nivea primer i cant find it

  • A fantastic foundation for dry skins is the bourjois healthy mix serum it’s
    fantastic! It actually really improved my skin!

  • pappilon s 3 years ago

    !!!!!!!:D what consealer color do you use?)

  • Kathleen Mia 3 years ago

    still ur the one saying ur pale u shouldnt say tht and u can get a tan in
    the sun lay out on the beach

  • Tealy Adams 3 years ago

    Are you Irish? You sound Irish.

  • sarahdowney2008 3 years ago

    I just moved to Germany a few months ago, and while it was quite sunny this
    summer it was just too hot to stay out, especially with no air conditioning
    anywhere near! When it cooled off it rained. And Rained and rained… Call
    me Casper now. I think he had more color. Love watching your pale skin
    tutorials. Now if I could just find borjouis…

  • iluvyou345 3 years ago

    That sponge looks nice! But does it tend to take off any of the moisturizer
    since it is kind of damp?

  • dollipop23 3 years ago

    Can you use a flat top foundation brush if you have dry skin? Cuz i can
    never seem to get it to look natural when i use one

  • TheRachele76 3 years ago

    Thank you for the video :)………I have pale skin and greyish brownish
    eyes lol

  • Jenkrust 3 years ago

    This tutorial is extremely helpful for me. myself also have this pale and
    dry skin. I love the idea that using one sponge for both fundation and
    powder. I am gonna pick up one next time at a drugstore.

  • fedia158 3 years ago

    simple and short thnk u

  • Ashley Golden 3 years ago

    Can you get the Nivea primer in the US?

  • mad josef 3 years ago

    My mother suffered with cystic and severe acne since the lady was 16. Today
    she’s 34 and for the very first time ever, this woman does not have
    break-outs. She stumbled upon the Acne Executioner (Google it) and finally
    came across one thing to eradicate this terrible challenge.

  • SophiePocket 3 years ago

    This is awesome :) just having a look at some of your products and, for
    example, the nivea express hydration primer has Alcohol Denat in its first
    5 ingredients. This will dry the skin more – (some) alcohol = drying. So
    just to keep in mind. Not a negative on your video just something I found
    out the hard way as i get dry skin in the winter :)

  • ifthisisntlove 3 years ago

    :0 she must not be that dry,, I could never use that much powder on myself

  • anne akter 3 years ago

    Please do a foundation routine for dry blotchy dull skin

  • perryx winklex 3 years ago

    what powder would you recommend?

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