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This is an overivew of all the foundation primers I have and what I think about each one. Hope this helps. Products mentioned: Laura Gellar Tinted Spackle ($ … at Sephora stores. LOVE.


  • EasyAccessBeauty 4 years ago

    I would recommend the make up for ever hd primer and the make up for ever elixir for your flakey tzone because it will moisturize the flaky areas so they will not look cakey with foundation. Also maybe you could try a long wearing foundation like revlon color stay or estee lauder double wear. Both foundation set so you don’t have to powder them but they will still last. I hope this helps:)

  • AndreaJuliet 4 years ago

    Thank you for your recommendation!

  • watermelon2112 4 years ago

    Which primer is your favorite for oil control?

  • AZNess312 4 years ago

    Too Faced and MAC wins. the MAC one is very similar to Lancome’s La Base Pro only the lancome one is a whopping 42bucks for a bit more product.. and the Too Faced one is just wonderful even if you don’t feel the need for foundation. Those with less troubled skin could pull it off on its own or with a sheer powder for a flawless finish :].

  • pinksaphire100 4 years ago

    is the bodyshop matte it primer good? and im kinda confused cuz like do i apply primers before or after sunscreen? and my face always goes greasy during school day so like during lunch will the primer keep it matte?

  • pinksaphire100 4 years ago

    ok lol i heard u say after ur moisturizer. but will i still get sun protection that way. ive used a base perfector from sheer cover it said it would help oil but it didnt for me lol:(

  • kimberly1904 4 years ago

    great vid. thanks for the help!

  • JASMINEisDWW 4 years ago

    ive used almost all of these and i think the body shop’s skin primer matte it , is the best .

  • VeeKarr1 4 years ago

    I have very fair skin and I want a tinted primer, is the Laura Geller one really dark? do you have any other tinted primer reccommendations? Great review, you really know your primers 😀

  • S Johnson 4 years ago

    That was a great video! Thanks!

  • mskita007 4 years ago

    I REALLY appreciate your review(s). I saw about 4 primers that I’ve had my eyes on and this was helpful. I have oily skin, so I’m considering Smashbox (light), NARS, Cover FX, Sephora brand primer, and a few others. I’ll have to watch this video a few more time. Thank you!

  • mskita007 4 years ago

    So I’m torn between the Clear FX Clear Prep and (Philosophy’s) The Present. You highly recommended them both. I can’t decide! Can you help me? I have very oily skin and I wear Bare Escentuals mineral/matte foundation. I need a really good oil controlling primer that will last most of the day. Which is your preference?

  • Kimmehface 4 years ago

    I know you did not ask me but I’d go with philosophy!! It’s awesome for me and I have super oily skin! And it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

  • Kimmehface 4 years ago

    Oh and I also only wear mineral foundation.

  • Kimmehface 4 years ago

    great review! I’m trying Bare Escentuals skin revver upper and it works pretty good for me! I have super oily skin and get acne breakouts around my period that sometimes take forever to go away. I have actually noticed a bit of a improvement in my skin since using this primer. It’s very gentle and I recommend this for people with sensitive skin and problems with mild acne. As a primer, it’s not that intense so I don’t think it would be great if you use a lot of foundation or thick foundation.

  • mskita007 4 years ago

    @KIMMEHFACE: thanks so much! I welcome all suggestions, especially from someone that has similar skin & likes. Good looking out!

  • constancew 4 years ago

    extremely well done, thank you!

  • Electra709 4 years ago

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  • Ivan Ivanov 4 years ago

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  • kirsty a 4 years ago

    I loved.the laura geller tinted spackle buy for some reason it does not sit with my new mufe hd foundation leaves it patchy. Great for estee lauder double wear though x

  • MaryAnne Smith 4 years ago

    Amazing reviews!!! Thank you!!

  • wallycharry 4 years ago

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  • Qerim Shala 4 years ago

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