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Lancome makeup artist Alex Sanchez shows you how he uses foundation, concealer and powder. Featuring Lancome spokesmodel Arlenis Sosa. Alex used the followin… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Kill Natalie shows you how to get white as a porcelain doll! Buy my book here:… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Nikita vom Mars 3 years ago

    ok, i had the same make up as you have… and its also to dark for me -.-
    what should i do ?

  • aneri97 3 years ago

    Goth: the only subculture where looking dead is considered an asset. 😛

  • SuperDaisy121 3 years ago

    Spot* don’t you hate when that happens..

  • clate wood 3 years ago

    Is your hair naturally black ?x

  • Shauntay Campbell 3 years ago

    You look beautiful when you have no makeup on & When you have it on <3
    Omfg. Your fucking beautifull!

  • OHMYGOTHFUL 3 years ago

    you have a pierced tongue?

  • Toffiee014 3 years ago

    You’re very helpful, thank you honey (:

  • Jackal1013 3 years ago

    @Metatron206 why don’t you stop making irrelevant accusations and then
    following them up with more evidence of your douchebaggery? That’s example
    # three of that, btw.

  • Daniel A 3 years ago

    I don’t mean to be rube , but your skin tone look a not a pale as in your
    usual vids, maybe its because of the lighting

  • sphinxcat 3 years ago

    I ended up getting some of the Dreamtone ‘Virgin’ foundation from Manic
    Panic and mixed it with my regular foundation to lighten it up.

  • Rosie Davenport 3 years ago

    You remind me of Lydia from Beetle Juice and I love it so much.

  • ZombieBrenda666 3 years ago

    aah you are ADORABLE!

  • Serina MidnightRaven 3 years ago

    I’m so pail you can see some of my viegns in my hands and else where on my

  • MrRabbithearted 3 years ago

    you can buy dermacolor or tv paintstick by kryolan!they are super thick and
    they have very fair skin tones almost white!

  • Bre Kitty 3 years ago

    i wish i looked like you <3

  • Tiffany Michelle 3 years ago

    deep set eyes rock I wish I had them my eyes are becoming more hooded and
    droopy.. I do face exercises and chemical peels to try to stay looking

  • Ariana Dawson 3 years ago

    Love you!!!!

  • Richard Jansson 3 years ago

    I love how, despite that much make up and jewelry and clothes etc, you’re
    so natural.

  • Anja Kozłowska 3 years ago

    You cutie!:* :3

  • HauntedHeidi13 3 years ago

    hi natalie im kinda of new to make up and i was wondering after you put on
    the foundation and powder on your face does your skin feel chalky
    afterwards or does it feel smooth?

  • TheSoulSucker6 3 years ago

    Your face when you said “No offense to Juggalos” was kind of funny.

  • AmaLovesWow 3 years ago

    She even explained the lighting was dark in the room, so the light she had
    to use made her look yellow.

  • Abbey Rose 3 years ago

    Other than using maximum amount of sunscreen wherever you go and the power
    of makeup, unfortunately there isn’t really a way to change your skin to a
    lighter color. Darker, yes.

  • Dusk Sky 3 years ago

    i have very pale skin as well i love it though i have to wear so much sun

  • MalicesaysHI 3 years ago

    you look so much like Wiona Ryder 

  • mewmewtheodora 3 years ago

    @Cut3LilButton Yes thats the problem, many people like me don’t have a
    clean face, they have blemishes like pimples :( And I heard that MAC
    concealers, bronzers, powders etc make you break out :O

  • Sonia Khatri 3 years ago

    I need an eye shadow tutorial… you have tips for all the products besides
    eye makeup.

  • Loli Lilo 3 years ago

    she has pretty eyebrows!

  • iTalkApple952 3 years ago

    Very strange way to apply make-up. I’d rather take the advice from
    MichellePhan or GregoryGorgeous!

  • Talk2Kris10 3 years ago

    is this a joke? she already had good skin to begin with and he barely did
    anything. we need to see the full performance of the products. so this
    wasn’t a good demonstation at all.

  • OrganicRabies 3 years ago

    This guy does not do makeup well

  • Eliza Vang 3 years ago

    DAMN! I love Arlenis’s bold and full eyebrows! xD

  • awsome peep 3 years ago

    lol if u were a lancome beauty advisor you wouldnt bash your own company.
    btw- shes not 13 or 14??!? the model is a woman but her flawless complexion
    makes her look younger. she’s stunning

  • awsome peep 3 years ago

    she’s stunning!!!

  • Sofia H 3 years ago

    Step 1: Have perfect model skin

  • 44travelbug 3 years ago

    but that isn’t really pressing..

  • Miaqueen124 3 years ago

    Cause I’m gonna do this at home..

  • Cut3LilButton 3 years ago

    @mewmewtheodora When I said clean face I dont mean a flawless face, jst
    wash your face when you wake up. And idk about it makeing people break out
    because even though my skin gets oily during the day, I SWEAR that I barely
    if ever get pimples. So neither MAC concealers nor powder has done any harm
    for me.

  • DeedeeCullen 3 years ago

    My God!!! she’s so pretty I’m so proud We’re from the same country…
    Dominican Republic ROX!!! Love Her!!!

  • malyikaj 3 years ago

    my god this is make up porn!

  • Cut3LilButton 3 years ago

    @mewmewtheodora What you do is use a concealer. It hides EVERYTHING!! Just
    be sure to start with a “clean face” like he said. Wash your face with soap
    when you get up, pat it dry, and apply the concealer and powder. MAC has
    GREAT concealers and powders.

  • awsome peep 3 years ago

    he’s just telling u what to do..

  • JamieCunningham 3 years ago

    putting on imaginary make up eh? XD

  • Sara Mohd 3 years ago

    she is cute! <3

  • ROFLyaz 3 years ago

    wow she so pretty and has good skin :)

  • KayKaytheStar 3 years ago

    Arlenis Sosa one of my favorite models!

  • wickedegyptian 3 years ago

    i like the music towards the end

  • eleni pe 3 years ago


  • mewmewtheodora 3 years ago

    @Cut3LilButton oh okay, but people who get pimples are actually those with
    dry face not oily (i think) my friend who has many pimples uses mac
    concealer but she had many pimples from beginning so i dont think is
    because of mac i occasionally use a concealer from lancome, which is pretty
    good (i dont have many pimples just normal) but i think after i take it
    dont it irritates my skin a bit

  • Loli Lilo 3 years ago

    @Anolemia no durrr they’re trying to sell you a product smartie..

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