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Filmed in Sept 2014. Decided to post this anyway even though I wasn’t happy with the contouring issues. Oh well, I hope you get something from it. Thanks for… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Curious about how to get started with Zurb Foundation 5 or want to better und… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Антон Старостин 3 years ago

    Hi James. Awesome work in subleme)
    Can we hope for new video from this series? =)

  • fiunary 3 years ago

    thanks. great video

  • Gita Street 3 years ago

    Excellence! Thank you :-)

  • Alexandru Popa 3 years ago

    F5’s concept of grids “scared” me, until I have viewed this. This is the
    best tutorial I’ve followed. Thank you very much !
    One question thought: I see you “undo” the code generated by emment, what
    is the key combination for that? (contorl/command + z is pointless if i
    want to edit a section that of code that wasn’t written last)

  • Nick Yin 3 years ago

    Can foundation build parallax scrolling page?

  • zegah03 3 years ago

    fack.. james you are awsome bro! 

  • Flannel Beard 3 years ago

    You just earned a loyal subscriber. Absolutely fantastic!!!! 

  • Hacka Slash 3 years ago

    Foundation is awesome. That shortcut syntax to create the divs without
    actually typing ‘

  • Anoop Kammaran 3 years ago

    Hi James, I followed your setting up the dev environment video and created
    a new foundation project. But when I open the index.html, I don’t see the
    styling that the default page has. When I refresh the page, nothing
    happens. Any ideas?

  • Matthew Watson 3 years ago

    This made the project I’m working on so much easier. Thank you for all
    the little tips with emmet, foundation, and using lorempixel! 

  • Farzad C 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial, really helpful but 1 thing that annoyed me so much
    was your editor blue screen, text wasn’t easy to read, other than excellent
    and I highly recommend others to watch this…

  • xxxzoso 3 years ago

    This was INCREDIBLY useful! You just blew my mind! Great tutorial!

  • jarg7 3 years ago

    nice cast my friend james. 1 question I have is how did you get the grid
    system to expand the full width of the browser by default or did you change
    the grid properties and not show it? Because when I do a foundation project
    by default it leaves a pretty wide margin on both sides.

  • Raze No 3 years ago

    Very, very useful! Thank you.

  • anomaly 3 years ago

    Great tutorial, your Sublime and Emmet skills are amazing, I really need to
    get better with Sublimes keyboard shortcuts and restrain from using the

    Question; Bootstrap is seemingly aimed at being a prototyping tool, more
    than a way of creating ‘real’ websites. Is Foundation in the same vein as
    this? I’m looking for a framework that is not just for prototyping, but
    actually for building complete websites. 

  • Daniel Londoño 3 years ago

    with what software did you record the video?

  • Majid Lotfi 3 years ago


    I am doing a zurb foundation tutorial, but when I got to tabs and section,
    they don’t work.
    here is the tutorial :
    Step 5.3.1 in this page :

    I followed everything(cut and paste),
    my code :

    but here is how it looks for me :

    it should looks like this :

    Thanks, your help is appreciated.

  • James Stone 3 years ago

    So what do you think is the next logical step is in learning ZURB
    Foundation after learning the grid in this video? Let me know in the

  • Stephen Chow 3 years ago

    hi I’m new to using sublime and foundation 5, and what hotkey did you use
    to enter after typing this (.row>.large-4.columns>p>lorem15) code out that
    seems to convert to div tags?

  • zegah03 3 years ago

    hello James, first to all! happy new year bro! i like your videos, but i
    have some error when i try to use “compass watch” :

    C:UsershyhomeDesktoppruebafoundationgrid-test>compass watch
    cs’: Could not find ‘compass’ (>= 0) among 49 total gem(s) (Gem::LoadError)
    09:in `to_spec’
    _gem.rb:53:in `gem’
    from C:/Ruby21/bin/compass:22:in `

    thanks you!

  • Jonas Riise Hamre 3 years ago

    Great video, except that part where you claim that a huge picture of a cat
    is not going to look great on a tablet. I’m certain the entire Internets
    will disagree with you.

  • James Stone 3 years ago

    The plugin that I use in the video is called Emmet (formerly Zen Coding)
    and it is open source and available at:

  • Ki1ngOfGods 3 years ago

    Hi James, I’m torn between semantic ui, bootstrap and foundation. I’m not
    sure which one to go for. Would you say foundation is better for
    making/prototyping websites? 

  • James Stone 3 years ago

    Just posted a follow up to this video, might be of interest to you

  • Scott Baron 3 years ago

    First, great tutorial. Keep up the good work. I may be mistaken, but I
    attempted to find the answer to my question within this video’s comments
    but was unsuccessful. My question is what software made it possible to
    emulate the sublime commands, not the simple text, to the screen. I did a
    round of searches and came up empty. I also scanned the sublime plugins and
    likewise found nothing. All the best. 

  • erikafrazier67 3 years ago

    Beautiful as always!

  • Crystal Beard 3 years ago

    Yasss girl your face is beat!! You did that! I love the nude lipstick. It
    absolutely is the perfect nude. I will be purchasing the lipstick for sure.
    Thanks for the beautiful look. 

  • rsamuel020304 3 years ago

    Love Love Love this makeup look. This is perfect for the holiday season for
    me. I;ve been subscribed to your channel for so long, and I just started
    watching you, I don’t know what took me so long lol! but now I’m hooked.
    Thank you for being so detailed, I love that in your videos.

  • Vanessa Gwyn 3 years ago

    Luv this look! Great video 

  • cHizZLE TizzLe 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed watching :) such a beautiful look! – my sound on my phone
    isn’t working at the moment! And I was hoping for a product/brush list lol
    but anyway!!! This was really nice! Fashion Fair has amazing products!
    Everything looks flawless

  • The Zebra Tribe 3 years ago

    Love it! I need to check this brand out. It reminds me of the Iman stick
    foundation that I did a review on a while back. You are so beautiful!

  • HotBox24 3 years ago

    My name is ebony too…hey girllll!!!! I’m new to ur channel. . This is the
    first video I watched. ….plz do more in depth makeup tutorials.
    really helps us viewers understand the techniques u guys use and why u use
    them…… when we know why u doing certain things, it helps us to apply
    our makeup better bc we understand more and know how to use products.
    versus just buying a whole bunch of stuff, slapping stuff on here, and
    there bc we see it done but don’t know why its being done… ya feel me 

  • bensona700 3 years ago

    Makeup tutorial yeeeeees! ! Btw I’m looking forward to seeing your natural
    hair again — a natural hair tutorial please — any style. .lol

  • Tyanna Green 3 years ago

    Thank you so much this video was such a great help for me, i wear fashion
    fair and just couldn’t get my highlites and countering on point, and i live
    in the south and deal a lot with the sun as well, so again thank you and i
    for sure have subscribed to your page.

  • I'meverywoman 3 years ago

    can you go back to your natural videos like this you tuber…

    Quick And Simple “No Makeup” Makeup

  • cameallyj 3 years ago

    Thanks for doing this tutorial. Would you recommend Fashion Fair stick for
    oily skin? Everything came out beautiful! 

  • debmart59 3 years ago

    I love Fashion Fair Cosmetics. I have been using it Forever. Tfs 

  • TwinGodesses 3 years ago

    I love it Ebony!!! Where did you buy your fashion fair make up? Its been a
    while since I’ve used ff and I glad to see it back on the market!

  • Tracy Timberlake 3 years ago

    Beautiful look. I have never tried fashion fair but I want to try the stick
    foundations. The look so creamy!

  • Gabrielle B 3 years ago

    I’ve never tried just letting the banana powder “cook” but I can see why
    you would do that and i will definitely be trying that!

  • Mrs Cromer! ! 3 years ago

    Thats crazy….. I was just thinking of buying or trying rather fashion
    fare foundation today! We were usually around the same color range in
    previous foundations, I was told that butterscotch would be a good match in
    this foundation for me. Did you try that color? These mixed very well
    though :)

  • BkScorpio 3 years ago

    I love your talk-through demonstrations so much!! Please keep doing makeup
    tutorials this way. It’s so helpful (even if they’re long). You are just
    amazing! I been watching you since your beginnings (back when I was in high
    school lol). You taught me how to apply makeup and inspired me to be a
    makeup artist. Thank you for that and keep killin it on YouTube!! 

  • BeautyParadox 3 years ago

    WOC need to rave more about #fashionfair it’s absofreakinglutely amazing
    and you look flawless xX

  • LeCordonBluBeauti9 3 years ago

    Girl you are a beast!!!! I absolutely looooove your tutorials. I just
    recently got into make up in the last year or so and I’m not the best but
    I’m growing! It’s so hard finding a foundation that fits my complexion. At
    the moment I’m using FIT by Maybelline. It’s ok but it definitely have it’s
    flaws. I think I’m gonna check out Mary Kay or Mac. I’m gonna definitely
    keep checking in on tips from you! 

  • Ashley Poag 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to try this look in the summer I’ve wanting to try some Fashion
    Fair products just wasn’t sure where to start.

  • Br0wnSgr 3 years ago

    Thanks for taking the time for creating such a detailed video. I especially
    enjoyed the Ben Nye banana powder. I’ve never seen someone let it sit you
    know real time and I can notice the difference. I may consider purchasing
    the powder, and investing in some really good brushes thanks again really
    enjoyed the vid.

  • Scandalous Beauty 3 years ago

    Those foundation sticks look fantastic! Now I’m about to go check out those
    Makeup Geek and Sigma brushes that you used for your foundation! 

  • akosuaish 3 years ago

    im happy that people are using fashion fair again

  • Destiny Godley 3 years ago

    Yes yes I LOVE some +fashionfair :) Lookin good mama!

  • colouredBeautiful 3 years ago

    Decided to post this video anyway…even though I was NOT happy with the
    contouring issues. Thanks for watching anyway…peace up!

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