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Welcome to my channel! Videos are uploaded twice a week! Please subscribe – it’s FREE and it helps so much!!! Click down bar for products used Giveaway detai… Video Rating: 5 / 5 This tutorial will teach you how to properly cleanse & moisturise. I also run through the basic products and what they do and then I teach you how to put eve… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • HeartChibi 3 years ago

    really good :) I am afraid to use make-up but Idk, I also cant put on
    eyeliner, I tried today but was afraid of poking myself.

  • mkitty1 3 years ago

    @porcelaindolli3 Thankyou =] I wish I could be a full blonde! I used to dye
    my hair different colours so I have to let it rest for awhile D=! Glad you
    loved the video! =D xo

  • Winie Emy 3 years ago

    Pimples on my face since i started using olay moisturizer. Help me!

  • Winie Emy 3 years ago

    Wht’s the use of moisturizer actually?? Does it keep the make up last

  • porcelaindolli3 3 years ago

    Great video :) I love your accent too xx You’d look amazing with your whole
    head blonde!

  • mkitty1 3 years ago

    @winiemy Moisturizer is to stop your skin from getting dry =] it’s better
    to use after you cleanse your face with your cleanser as the cleanser can
    dry your skin out Are you using cleanser? And if so what kind? As when you
    start cleansing and moisturizing the products start to take all of the gunk
    out of your pores which causes extra breakouts xo

  • Shadow8942 3 years ago

    Another great video, I’m especially loving the background music too.

  • HeartChibi 3 years ago

    @mkitty1 Yeah I have a black pencil :) Once I save up enough money I am
    going to really invest in makeup and I’ll have my sister help me too. Thank
    you for the tips!

  • mkitty1 3 years ago

    @HeartChibi Never be afraid =] Because you have to start somewhere, when I
    started years ago I wasn’t that good either but with lots of practice and
    experimenting I have been able to do makeup really well. In my other 2
    latest videos the cute pin up and the Ke$ha makeup tutorial I use 2
    different kinds of eyeliners & I show you how to use them. If you find it
    difficult to use eye liner try getting a pen eye liner its really easy! I
    would only use it on the top, pencil on bottom x

  • birds182 3 years ago

    cant wait to get mor eMac products there pretty amazing. Fix spray is the
    best investment lol

  • mkitty1 3 years ago

    @HeartChibi That sounds fantastic! Good luck! ^__________^! xo

  • Winie Emy 3 years ago

    Yes i do cleanse my face. But i hve an oily skin. I start my make up wif
    toner, cream then i apply the moisturizer n then sunblock wif spf. Then i
    put on my foundation n powder. Is it too much?? Hehe! xD But seems like i
    have to skip the moisturizer since it cause pimples on my skin. Thanx fr ur
    help :)

  • BeautyBengal 3 years ago
  • Lesley1000 3 years ago

    Yeah I agree it looks great

  • Jacquinda27 3 years ago

    I think the dark lip looks awesome

  • kelly alice 3 years ago

    this lip color looks fantastic on you!!!!

  • Erin Cooke 3 years ago

    lol! “Favorite lip glosses OF LIFE!”. Bless.

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