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old vid i thought i would post for now. hope you guys like it.


  • BlackRoseRocket 4 years ago

    HELL YES! I miss your videos!

  • Ash Alonzo 4 years ago

    Can’t wait to try this out, thanks so much.

  • ExpensiveTaste714 4 years ago

    So pretty!!

  • MiluBlakStar 4 years ago

    bellissimo tutorial….

  • Lizzydizzy33 4 years ago

    This eye look goes really good on you :)

  • BionicVaporGirl 4 years ago

    love ittt! and the music :)

  • carlasobadd 4 years ago

    Soo cool lol… The only hard thing for me wud b the eyeliner lol :)

  • illusica 4 years ago

    Sexy!! This is going in my favorites :)

  • PassionoLvrsis4Death 4 years ago

    Never thought of blending out liquid liner while it was still wet.

  • cupcakegurl01 4 years ago


  • PassionatePhalanges 4 years ago

    Fantastic. Thanks for uploading!

  • Amy Biddulph 4 years ago

    i love this! xx

  • MARIA TAVAREZ 4 years ago

    hoooooottttttt “)

  • MCRgirl93 4 years ago

    What song is this? :)

  • Tarria McDermott 4 years ago

    I’m saving this to my favorites! :) Imma go try this look out. :) I love it!

  • sadisticzombie 4 years ago

    @PassionoLvrsis4Death yeah i have to act quick. lol

  • sadisticzombie 4 years ago

    @Bdoll2 shoot. lol so sorry i forgot.

  • mizbabybear672 4 years ago

    MAJOR FAIL WHEN I TRIED THIS AT HOME! lol i suck….. i wish i could do
    that!!!! lucky bitch…….. <3 lmao

  • TheHaleyKimmy 4 years ago

    omg what is this song i love it

  • Bdoll2 4 years ago

    @sadisticzombie >> all good hun ! I’m just a huge fan of your tutorials,,
    and I would love to hear you explain what you do, what you use, what part
    was difficult ( even if I love the musics you use :), have a little close
    up. Sorry, I would just LOVE to replicate this look…..

  • Imperial Mind 4 years ago

    hey! nice video…it’s so great that you can do the make-up in just 6
    minutes. The music is awesome! Yeah

  • sadisticzombie 4 years ago

    @illusica yaaay!

  • Louie marie 4 years ago

    aww missed your vids x

  • kenyah15 4 years ago

    I love this ..and this song ur do talented

  • TheDepressedHydra 4 years ago

    Awesome!!! It even makes your eyes look bigger!

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