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  • dragoon650 4 years ago

    love that hair cut and the colour is amazing it falls so well ~XD

  • TheMerrow3 4 years ago

    Thanks for this great video!

  • Victoria Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Borrrringq , !!!

  • chopnstir 4 years ago

    Requese u to plz do a tutorial on the models haircut….also how do u get a
    highlight on priviously coloured hair?eg:if I have my hair coloured dark
    brown …how do I get a blue or red over it?plz advice…thankyou.

  • Katherine Ornelas 4 years ago

    omg wow this is the exact hairstyle -haircut and color- ive been wanting! i
    love it

  • Star Wars_Chola 4 years ago

    Beautiful ! i love it

  • Logan Aquin 4 years ago

    truly stunning!!!

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