Added by on 2013-11-10 has all my other eye and makeup tutorials all in one place! Hello, I am Cookie. I am so excited to show you this winged eyeliner … Video Rating: 5 / 5


  • 123bubah 4 years ago

    by far the easiest eyeliner tutorial out there!! THANKYOU :) Thumbs up!!!!

  • Abernoch23ly 4 years ago

    Your eyes are so pretty :)

  • theyouhoos 4 years ago

    Looks pretty!!

  • micernice13 4 years ago

    You are ADORABLE And I finally found a makeup artist with similar eyes as
    me. Ahhhhhh I’m so happy

  • cookiefarrer 4 years ago

    @123bubah You’re welcome! I find this trick the easiest way to do winged
    eyeliner, too!

  • Tyler Lee 4 years ago

    oh my! you are very gorgeous! <3

  • Joanna Harmon 4 years ago

    So I know this vid was made A WHILE ago but I just ran across it in my
    *ENDLESS* search for the perfect winged eyeliner tutorial-not only was your
    voice and the way you speak (your diction and inflections) incredibly
    soothing (a little weird, I know) but this is literally the *best* tutorial
    on winged eyeliner ‘out there!’ I CAN *FINALLY* DO THE CAT EYE LOOK! 😀 I
    can keep raving about it but this comment is already too long…

  • Momolinlin 4 years ago

    I looooved it, it was so easy!!!! but I used colours, as I always do,
    matching to my outfit 😀

  • vividlychaotic 4 years ago

    I love it! So gorgeous :) And I’m very much looking forward to more
    tutorials from you :) (This is so much better than my first (and current)
    tutorials, hehe) We have sort of similar eyeshape, so this is definitely
    something I’m going to try – I always struggle with doing a winged / cateye
    type eyeliner. Much love, -Sakura

  • cookiefarrer 4 years ago

    @vividlychaotic Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I am working so hard on
    these, the editing takes forever and my system crashes so I have to start
    over, so thank you so much. It makes me want to go on! I have a purple
    smoky eye coming, as soon as I can post it I will. Thank you so much.

  • cookiefarrer 4 years ago

    @TylerStina989 Thank you so much!!!

  • cookiefarrer 4 years ago

    @Abernoch23ly Thank you so much! That is so kind of you!

  • tai goelz 4 years ago

    BEST tutorial on cat eye liner ive seen! Thanks so much for actually
    explaining what to do step by step. Most other people just fly by too fast
    and skip important details about application.

  • More Fernandez 4 years ago

    you are so pretty!

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