Added by on 2013-11-24 presents the basic Razor Haircut procedure . Instructor: Gabi This video is intended to be used for educational purposes … Razor cutting bangs is really easy! More easy if you have a hair shaper…..but in case you don’t, you can use scissors as well. Use the angle techniques tha… Video Rating: 3 / 5


  • aaabbbiiiiii 4 years ago

    one side is short and goes further back to your head so it looks wonky 😐
    sorry its my opinion. xxx

  • void38 4 years ago

    Use the razor in 45º and not in 90º . The razor must slide and not beat the
    hair! that´s it. she has courage.

  • wilsonsbroo 4 years ago

    your extinchin are fabulous

  • shleebear 4 years ago

    honestly with the way she is wearing it…it doesnt look that bad! she
    messed up a little bit but good job for her NEVER doing that…

  • iBenLutz 4 years ago

    It thins yur hair out. I got it done when I got my hair cut.

  • Intoxiating 4 years ago

    This girl totally messed up her hair

  • shafoplata 4 years ago

    She spends SEVERAL minutes in the beginning just on where she got that
    razor and actually goes into detail about it. Why do people like you have
    to exist?

  • Funmi Oseni 4 years ago


  • Bryan Steezy 4 years ago

    One sides longer than the other!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • dacoiya 4 years ago

    baby your bangs are whop sided as hell… and u razored to much on the
    right (your left)…i think that the bangs are good cause they arent blunt
    or anything they look nice its just that right side is bothering me…maybe
    you were just tired or something…its okay…ive messed up my hair on
    plenty of occassions…practice makes perfect.

  • raesholiday 4 years ago

    you can get those razors at a beauty supply store for like 3 dollars

  • Gloria Lavigne 4 years ago

    where do u buy straight razors? general store? beauty shop? its confusing
    caz i never c these things:{

  • alexoxo13 4 years ago

    ouch!! awhile back i was razor cutting my hair without the safety guard,
    the razor slipped and gashed my thumb on the very top joint=/ it was a skin
    flap but it healed on its own:D

  • mrbebop147 4 years ago

    so your bald? xD

  • Sethrien Rose Sylar 4 years ago

    its is cutting great… *comb part falls off* lmao i luv it when that
    happens, so ironic XDXDXD

  • nishabhadd12 4 years ago

    omg quh thank GOD dhats not yo real hair..practice practice practice..kuz
    yo hair is fucked uhp..srry :(

  • bosstanaka88 4 years ago

    @Oracle521 its a weave so there is no real damage to her hair … thank
    god! and i think, when you cut your hair with a razor its supposed to be
    dry, because if it was wet then her hair would have really been crappy

  • elixtreme 4 years ago

    hey where do i find the blade for the hair shaper, let me know hun. how its
    call. .what kind of blade?

  • talentedangel 4 years ago

    Lol its weave… get over it. Im showing you guys how I did it almost 2
    years ago! lol wow

  • oskalene 4 years ago

    i have a razor and do my own hair…i trim my hair and get like that choppy
    kinda look.. my hair is wavy so i usually straighten it… i guess u could
    flat iron ur hair.. and then use the razor to shape it the way u want it to
    look like

  • ilovekryissflint 4 years ago

    see thats what mine is a razor comb i got it from sallys for about i think
    4 bucks but ya the comb fell off and cut my thumb its finallly scabbing
    over lol i want to get a better pair so it dont happen again

  • bosstanaka88 4 years ago

    your not suppossed to cut your hair strait down your supposed to cut it at
    an angle

  • Julia Schwind 4 years ago

    i got that razor like 3 weeks ago and it works fantastic 😀 nice job!!

  • Ms22Cooper 4 years ago

    you look kinda like Janet

  • Toulue Vang 4 years ago

    Was going to buy that same sharper….but seeing how it fall off so much! I
    change my mind lol

  • MrGrimekid7 4 years ago

    Wow she is good and HOT !

  • siraly HU 4 years ago

    very sweet sexy barberlady!!

  • siraly HU 4 years ago

    very sexy beautiful lady!!

  • whynotask1 4 years ago

    is she a student at this school or whatever?

  • Gegray 4 years ago

    The only thing that would make this better if she knew the Turkish shave

  • vampiretteful 4 years ago


  • B thompson 4 years ago

    Great vid

  • The999444 4 years ago

    nice quiet cut!

  • Kekuahiwi 4 years ago

    Very nice job. This is definitely not a razor cut. That is a clipper, not a

  • R Vega 4 years ago

    I’ll let her cut me up anyday;)

  • melvin crews 4 years ago

    She sexy

  • The999444 4 years ago

    Nice And Relaxing Hair Cut!

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