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Primer – l’oreal lucent primer Foundation – revlon colorstay foundation (Nude) concealer – garnier bb concealer Loose powder – Artistry loose powder Twitter … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Connect with Me♡ Blog: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:… Video Rating: 5 / 5


  • FiercelyGlamxo 3 years ago
  • Hinie Bear 3 years ago


  • TheBeautyAndTheBeast 3 years ago

    Love the highlight over the brows! Great tip!! Gorgeous look :)

  • Jeanie Yabut 3 years ago

    My fav tutorial thus far!!!! Love the lips… Miss you!

  • Ashley Newman 3 years ago

    Amazing! You look flawless, doll!

  • Balanceof Beautee 3 years ago

    Girl I’m like obsessing over your channel … Why didn’t I know you had
    youtube before DOH

  • MomoMonroe 3 years ago

    You’re so pretty! I love this look, very classic. and love the hair. :)
    new subbie!

  • Haus of Reese 3 years ago

    LMAO girl your bare face is gorgeous! Love this look so much, it reminds me
    of a pretty fairy. New subbie here <3

  • Beauty Within 3 years ago

    I’ve just discovered your channel and finding your videos so helpful! That
    make up looks absolutely stunning on you, even though you look pretty
    without it too! I will defo be subscribing and can’t wait for new videos :)

  • Beastly Gamer 3 years ago

    Don’t give up on YouTube, you have a ton of potential!

  • ElegantRissa 3 years ago

    Great Video!

  • naghma koussar syed 3 years ago

    Great video. Thankyou

  • Mita Fun 3 years ago

    Your skin is very beautiful.

  • jennyfer raj kaur 3 years ago

    U have beautiful skin naturally

  • beauty In budget 3 years ago

    Love your video, you are amazing :)

  • ThatGirlIs SoFly 3 years ago

    Awesome video. You look very natural and refreshed.

  • Navya Kattikireddy 3 years ago

    its so helpful for someone like me.thanks a r doing pretty
    good.will support you. :) lots of love 

  • Shalu C 3 years ago

    Awesome vid:)Is the garnier concealer good for daily use?

  • jennyfer raj kaur 3 years ago

    U have beautiful skin naturally

  • Jenitha Sekaran 3 years ago

    After u apply primer will u put foundation at once or will u wait the
    primer to settle down on ur face & then u apply foundation.And u look
    beautifull even without makeup also..Nice video..

  • Aarika Damsel 3 years ago

    Reupload? Haha. . Thanks for upfating the description box

  • ElegantRissa 3 years ago

    Great Video!

  • Uma Pal 3 years ago

    Nice :)

  • Faye Olivia 3 years ago

    Great video and your foundation looked amazing so will be giving this
    routine a go for sure! Lovely video xx

  • Malvika Shriwas 3 years ago

    Hey I have recently posted my first video to me channel: -> Sherry Shroff
    Inspired Hair. Would love it if you have a look, give me some advice and
    subscribe if you like. :)

  • Kiki Hernandez 3 years ago

    You have such beautiful skin and this tutorial reminds me that I need a new
    moisturizer. Thanks for sharing

  • MissCharmelline 3 years ago

    Basic foundation Tutorial | Indianyoutuber | Tutorial

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