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  • geanaalyssa 4 years ago


  • eringailfarms 4 years ago

    What grade are u in

  • starprincessme12 4 years ago

    What song is playing?
    Cute video btw.

  • kiannilol 4 years ago

    Are you aussie?

  • AmieLovesMakeup 4 years ago


  • Monet Rahbari 4 years ago

    can you make an updated makeup routine?? ….. please? haha

  • AmieLovesMakeup 4 years ago

    Oh hunny, If you’are going to try and insult me atleast have the common decency to use proper grammar. xoxo

  • Annaliselovescupcake 4 years ago

    video starts at 0:24 btw…

  • Abigail Rose 4 years ago

    Are you British? Because I love your accent!

    ~Abigail Rose~

  • savana bland 4 years ago

    i like how u dont load on a ton of makeup urs looks so preety!

  • HeekyungVictoria1128 4 years ago

    she’s australian ;) xx

  • Emily Dillon 4 years ago

    I love your accent and your gourgus ♥♥♥

  • jmpj349 4 years ago

    Here’s my routine: carmex, lotion (hands&neck), flip the hair, and fav hat c:
    Btw for those who are starting or in middle school guys lik chicks with not a whole lota make up… Js :) great vid too

  • berchleybain 4 years ago

    What song is that?

  • thebeautyblogger15 4 years ago

    I know these are annoying but please it would mean the world to me if you checked out my video for everyday makeup look!!!pleaase

  • Kayla Celeste kuri 4 years ago

    The ending is funny

  • Leeanna Williams 4 years ago

    u were born on april 6! :O I was born on april 7th I’m one day older than you lol

  • kiama531ify 4 years ago

    @jmpj394 you dont wear any lipgloss or mascara?

  • kiama531ify 4 years ago

    Why are your hands so dirty? If you talked about it in the video I mustve not heard :)

  • Queen Fabulous 4 years ago

    Happy Early Birthday then! I’m April 13 😀

  • Lovely Casey 4 years ago

    Hiya! I heard the song on your video and I loved it! 😀 what’s the title of the song?

  • Jacqui Russell 4 years ago

    are you Russian

  • Taylor Moore 4 years ago

    youre so gorgeous!

  • Mora Ross 4 years ago

    Love ur accent!

  • Emma Hatt 4 years ago

    You’re really pretty! I love how you keep your makeup natural and light.. you don’t need need it!! :)

  • joannasbeautyx3 4 years ago

    you have great videos im subbing but im shocked you dont have as many as i thought! but i have like the same amount lol! (:

  • LeopardGetsATan 4 years ago

    Thanks that means a lot to me!(: I subscribed to you!(:

  • joannasbeautyx3 4 years ago

    thanks!<3 lol same here(:

  • brianna pamplin 4 years ago

    Omg your really pretty! Im going into 6th grade and I followed your exact same steps and everyone was giving me coplements! Even the 8th graders! Thank you sooooo much!

  • LeopardGetsATan 4 years ago

    Thank you! That’s awesome!(: I’m glad I could help! <3

  • brianna pamplin 4 years ago


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