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products used physians formula tinted moisturizer mac studio finish concealer spf 35 nc30 elf tone correcting concealer nyc powder mac msf in light medium be…


  • zebragymnast13 3 years ago


  • MakeUpWithSky 3 years ago

    Which straightener do you use! Your hair looks gorgeous, so do you! Your so
    pretty with and without makeup ! Great video, Love ya Jenny<3

  • enjoythelove1234 3 years ago

    do u like the length of ur nails? not being rude but im asking

  • MARiiA100Brenda 3 years ago

    i love how you put the songs =)

  • misstalksalot2752 3 years ago

    hi jenny! i love your videos but i have one quick question- would you
    recommend the 88 original or the 88 shimmer palette from coastal scents? i
    can’t decide which one to get! LOL thanks

  • MakeMeBlush13 3 years ago

    Lovee itt (:

  • iconlover97 3 years ago

    high school makeup tutorial!!

  • GlitterBarbieXO 3 years ago

    How do you fast forward your video in windows live movie maker I have it
    and I can’t figure it out!!!!!

  • AshliBcake 3 years ago

    okk sooo you get allowence :) lol but how much money do you think you get a
    week ? ik you rub your mothers back (: lol ! just wondering i mack within
    15 dollars to 20 :)

  • DreamerDreamsz 3 years ago

    how old are you?

  • demons-with-flowers 3 years ago

    i think in the background your screen saver for your computer is my profile
    picture now!!! 😀

  • demons-with-flowers 3 years ago

    for me

  • magnoliax33 3 years ago

    loveeee it jenny(: ur so freakin pretty!!!

  • MkupFanatic xo 3 years ago

    What Was The First Song That You Had On For Like 5 Seconds Called ?

  • GracieandLindsey XO 3 years ago

    i love this video

  • MCFLYbaybiee 3 years ago


  • pinkyblue1314 3 years ago

    What age did u start wearing makeup at?

  • GracieandLindsey XO 3 years ago

    what garde r u in

  • MissBethanBethan 3 years ago

    follow me around vlogggg!

  • Gaby Salas 3 years ago

    Uhhh uhhh uhhh

  • 123missalexander 3 years ago

    ummm its nice but you wear way to much on your face you dont need that much
    bronzer and creams and fondations !! but its still pretty but not for a
    middle schooler

  • Camille Imperial 3 years ago

    do you do your eyebrows? they look good :)

  • Cathy C 3 years ago

    can you do a tutorial of the actual colorful makeup that you wear to school?

  • basicbooknerd 3 years ago

    i love ecotools brushes, they’re good quality and good for the earth!

  • followerofChrist157 3 years ago

    Haha I’m going into 8th grade and my name is Jenny.

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