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Lets TWEET! Follow me on TWITTER!! Today I show you a fun makeup look perfect for back to school. Enjoy! xoxo Kayla Roberts Item…


  • Neve Wardle 4 years ago

    you dont even need makeup..

  • anastasiadavis08 4 years ago

    I am not trying to be rude at all so please do not take it that way, but
    when I was in middle school and high school, I could not afford MAC or any
    other high end make-up. I used drug store products all through school,
    including drug store brushes. I just think that should be taken into
    consideration when doing a “school age” look. All of the teenagers I know
    are still the same way I was. They can not afford anything besides drug
    store products, especially in middle school. Just a thought =)

  • FlowersbetweenBeeuty 4 years ago

    Ur so preeettttyyy!!!:)

  • Silje Marie 4 years ago

    Very pretty! 😀 Do you work as a model? :)

  • MoreKaylaRoberts 4 years ago

    @ritush39 Thanks so much! Yay I actually just finished filming a skin care

  • MoreKaylaRoberts 4 years ago

    @kelsotowers Aww thanks for being so sweet!

  • MoreKaylaRoberts 4 years ago

    @anastasiadavis08 That’s a very good point..I have already filmed a high
    school makeup tutorial…but You inspired me for a new video idea. I think
    I will do a drugstore makeup tutorial using inexpensive shadows and
    brushes! That would be a great alternative….and there is definitely some
    great drugstore products out there..I use the maybelline superstay
    foundation and I prefer it over the laura mercier silk creme foundation
    which is over $40 dollars! Thanks for brining this to my attention!

  • kelsotowers 4 years ago

    Your tutorials are really easy to follow and this is such a pretty look and
    it looks great on you!

  • vtsc613 4 years ago

    Very pretty girl!! So simple, yet pretty. And by the way, you’re looking
    tanner 😀

  • MoreKaylaRoberts 4 years ago


  • imahappycat 4 years ago

    You inspired me to try something new! Thanks! Loving your style and taste.
    This look will be nice for us ladies out of school with jobs. XO

  • Nabilah .R 4 years ago

    what is yr eye color?

  • MoreKaylaRoberts 4 years ago

    @txamae2 Your welcome! And thank you:)

  • 52lovelight 4 years ago

    Very pretty and natural! Thank you!

  • MoreKaylaRoberts 4 years ago

    @616Fitness I agree :)

  • Cat666woman 4 years ago

    beautyful eyes

  • MoreKaylaRoberts 4 years ago

    @sunshinebeautyxo Nope..I wish lol

  • Tay lor 4 years ago

    i totally just subscribed

  • anastasiadavis08 4 years ago

    @616Fitness I wasn’t saying it was a bad deal. I actually own 4 of their
    pallettes. I was just talking about in terms of middle school kids who
    can’t afford them. I meant nothing rude. :)

  • Silje Marie 4 years ago

    @MoreKaylaRoberts You should, you are sooo pretty <3

  • Talia Holly 4 years ago

    Can you please do a makeup tutorial using drugstore, cheaper makeup? Thank
    you :)

  • Amanda Rasmussen 4 years ago

    I’m 40 and I am going to try this look! You are so beautiful! Thanks for
    your videos. => Amanda

  • bullitt0713 4 years ago

    What did you use on you cheeks?

  • can you do a skin care video :)))

  • sslilac 4 years ago

    oh goodness i dont understand how come you are not a model. you are sooooo
    pretty! xoxo nella

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