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College Students


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  • Samm Seett 4 years ago

    yay this was uploaded on my birthday!! loved the haul but the most makeup
    I’ve ever bought in 1 trip is 3 items!! :/

  • Mackenzie Adams 4 years ago

    How long dose it take for the elf stuff to arrive?

  • rebecca ace 4 years ago

    this video helps me its kinda like my guide for back to school makeup

  • Tessa Styles 4 years ago

    I’m 12 turning 13 and want to wear makeup I wear it for dance recitals but
    Idk if she will let me cause I’ve bought eye shadow before without her
    knowing and she found it and got mad but that was last year does anyone
    have any advice can anyone help me please?!?!

  • Luis Hernandez 4 years ago

    You didn’t even do your make up that was a wast of time

  • Ashan Diggelong 4 years ago

    how did she get partnered on youtube? XD I know, u might think this is a
    dumb question.

  • Jordane Lessard 4 years ago


  • Meagan Willard 4 years ago

    how much was the finsihed price like how much in toatle did you pay for

  • rebecca ace 4 years ago

    nice video i love it

  • taytaybaybaybay 4 years ago

    haha tht was funny when ur bro came in lol

  • Andy Knower 4 years ago

    Are you going to a school or a fashion show??

  • bluejay077 4 years ago


  • Anna Loes 4 years ago

    I love your nails here :)

  • Andrea Febres 4 years ago

    How much money did you have!!!??!??

  • andriy dyachuk 4 years ago

    its a joke

  • Md.Mahbubur Rahman 4 years ago

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  • Brianna Goodson 4 years ago

    What?! they look so much alike!

  • zia hayes 4 years ago

    as your 1k like can I request another bts supplies & make up haul

  • DressageGirlFemke LovesJupiler 4 years ago

    listen at 7.13 somebody is whistling xD

  • Ashley W 4 years ago

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  • SkyeAndMusic 4 years ago

    Who’s Kevin? Lol

  • Sally Ishizawa 4 years ago

    are you realted to kaileemkenzie?!?!?!! u guys llook like twins!!

  • AGeeMusic1 4 years ago

    what? not even close…

  • Heather Presley 4 years ago

    Even I felt really awkward when he opened the door. 😀

  • Cece Anders 4 years ago

    Can u do back to school videos for 2012-2013 plz :)

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