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Fareeha khan Bridal Makeup Artist London Please Like my page Fareeha khan Hair and make up Artist http://www.freeindex… Thanks for watching guys dont forget to subscribe cuz its free!! and also follow my blog and post ur requests o… Video Rating: 0 / 5


Bridal Makeup


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  • monica toolsee 3 years ago

    Hi, I absolutely love your videos. Your work is fantastic. Keep it up.
    Where can I get the angle crease brush you’re using?

  • Mahnoor Chaudhry 3 years ago

    i loved this video and i love ur eye color <3

  • Karotsy 3 years ago

    Wow this look is amazing – glowing. Very pretty.

  • Gloria Sarp 3 years ago

    hi i didnt quite catch the name of that blush palette, i love the colours
    which brand is it?

  • amiharamihar 3 years ago

    @makeupobsessedbeauty i really like ur method of applying makeup… and u
    have gorjus eyes too :)

  • famac86 3 years ago

    Hi I love this makeup but i can’t open this video and a few others of yours
    on mu iPad because your settings r not set for mobile.:( Can u pleeeeese
    fix that?

  • Rabia Aftab 3 years ago

    Your’re very beautiful! and tht pallete looks gorgeous!!! do review and
    swatch it on ur blog please!!!

  • robinaasif 3 years ago

    i love tha way u did ur makeup verry welll

  • aliyah khan 3 years ago

    i luv ur eyebrows

  • aliyah khan 3 years ago

    ur so pretty r u wearing contacts

  • marzi k 3 years ago

    love to see u all decked up for the makeup look 😀 sooo cute~! and the
    makeup look is amazing toooo… im soo gonna try it for some wedding 😀

  • Mariya's Beauty Studio 3 years ago

    You can easily get it from crownbrushes

  • LoveThePink786 3 years ago

    Hey, can you please do a simple affordable smokey eye?? That looks great
    but is fast to do. x

  • DisguisedMadness 3 years ago

    What was the name of the cheek highlighter you used? I’m looking for a
    really good one and I can’t find one.

  • Mariya's Beauty Studio 3 years ago


  • hello2drt 3 years ago

    honey what foundation and colour are u wearing? also plz do a foundation
    routine or do a look which is starting from a foundation to the end thanks

  • Mariya's Beauty Studio 3 years ago

    @hello2drt Ok i’ll put that in my to do list… this video I think I m
    wearing Loreal True Match in Golden Beige.

  • mina niazi 3 years ago

    excellent makeup but plz tell me d name of makeup products u have used

  • STANDAARD979 3 years ago

    very nice

  • Mariya's Beauty Studio 3 years ago

    @ Roofza I have reviewed both palettes the MERMIAD DREAMS and the Sleek
    GOOD GIRL palette on my blog in Jan Feb check them out . @LoveThePink yes
    sure I will….I have done a coulpe of smokey eye looks using very
    affordable makeup u have to check in the list of my tutorials.

  • Mariya's Beauty Studio 3 years ago

    @sidrahkw: I have mentioned the names of the products i have used in the
    video. which ones did u miss?

  • Mariya's Beauty Studio 3 years ago

    @MsKURIX No I have never wore contact lenses in my life I am scared of
    putting things in my eyes, scared that it will ruin my eye sight 😛

  • SHERRY RAZAK 3 years ago

    is MAC foundation can still longer, especially for bridal? because i am
    using kryolan foundation for all skins type. you opinion please.. TQ

  • lilacdream1000 3 years ago

    What is the name of the initial coopery orangy eyeshadow you used in her

  • Fareeha Khan 3 years ago

    Hi, thanks for liking my video. Really sorry for late reply. For dry skin
    liquid foundation is best. Thanks

  • Jagpreet Hayre 3 years ago

    What song is playing? It’s so catchy!!

  • Natjalove 3 years ago

    Wow u are an artist! what a pity.. I live in Germany…:(

  • milu832 . 3 years ago

    Love the lipstick color, which is it?

  • Fareeha Khan 3 years ago

    Hi Sherry, I love Mac and kryolan and result always great.

  • Summaira Syed 3 years ago

    Wow great job

  • shataylorluv 3 years ago

    Nancy Ajram- Ehsas Gedid

  • Bushra Majid 3 years ago

    Which foundation do u apply

  • kyla01144 3 years ago

    what is that initial gold/yellow colour that you used as a base for the eye
    and also what is that beautiful copper/gold colour you used on the lower

  • Fareeha Khan 3 years ago

    Thanks Summaira and Natjalove :)

  • xXxHiddenBeautyxXx 3 years ago

    Love this look what foundagiin would you reccomend for dry skin?

  • Donia ali 3 years ago

    it’s Nancy Ajram – Ehsas Gedid

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