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  • MrsKirika 3 years ago

    I have never seen somebody who has exactely Angelina’s eyes shape and
    colour until I saw you! Yes, you could be one lookalike of hers.

  • pbilska89 3 years ago

    What language is it? Svorske ?

  • Amalie Moen 3 years ago

    trur du at du kan lag en tutorial på sminken t Sèverine i skyfall? 😀

  • Wilma Terrier 3 years ago

    ska vi gifta oss !?

  • Lupe Osorto 3 years ago

    tomb raider

  • kemanai karen 3 years ago

    omg your eye is exactly same as anjelina’s eye

  • Raven Grey 3 years ago

    it’s easier for you because you have exactley thes same eyes shape but
    anyway you are amazing!!!

  • Dorthe Ariana 3 years ago

    stor fan *

  • katieheilmann 3 years ago

    I think Norwegian, but not 100% sure.

  • Licka Narwhal 3 years ago


  • silly lilly 3 years ago

    u r supherb…

  • Heidi Larsen MUA 3 years ago

    dette er fra, men vet ikke om de fortsatt har det. Ellers har
    de det kanskje på beautybay. com? :)

  • Kayli Lisa 3 years ago


  • Sweety Ashly 3 years ago

    hei 😀 har du sluttet å lage video`er??

  • Андрей Греднев 3 years ago

    на какую то дешевку стала похожа, а не на джоли

  • HanniganArt 3 years ago

    OMG Thanks so much for the subtitles!:) you are really talented at makeup!!!

  • Anna Mathilde Hellandsjø Espenes 3 years ago

    Hvor kjøpte du too faced pallett?

  • olufsen98 3 years ago

    @pbilska89 Norwegian, kind of a northern dialect.

  • TorErik Sæth Nakken 3 years ago

    øynene dine er helt like angelina sine

  • Mariana Peraca 3 years ago

    Beautiful a big fan of you<3

  • med bendi 3 years ago

    in her eyes

  • med bendi 3 years ago

    except for the makeup you look like angelina jolie

  • Sivetha Rajan 3 years ago

    Your lucky tho u got the same eye shape as anjelina j.

  • annatikitiki 3 years ago

    nice eyes !!!

  • søren Holm 3 years ago


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