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Selling the airbrush machines – to order yours for delivery in UK only – email for price + info. Pink Panther blusher shown can … Video Rating: 4 / 5


Airbrush Makeup




  • deeparoshni 3 years ago

    Hm… Much prettier without makeup. I think. Naturally blessed. Dont change
    any of your features..evern dark circles – i think hey make your eyes look
    lovely. L)

  • Cathryn Mcconnell 3 years ago

    I’d suggest not using cotton buds as the fibers can block the gun ..but
    nice job

  • curvychik23 3 years ago

    i saw your face and was like”yep im gonna click that suscribe button now” :)

  • Lucky81585 3 years ago

    first of all masha’Allah you are gorgeous!! second, is it better to put the
    councilor on before the foundation?

  • allaanaable 3 years ago

    Hey! Be carful pitting on your concealer with the airbrush, long term can
    give you fine deep wrinkles, and baggy under eyes. Because of the air
    pressure in the gun! If your gonna do that, I suggest you look in2 a good
    quality compressor and airbrush that controls the proper IPS volume for
    delicate areas :) Love the tutorial. You look really petty with and without
    make up :)

  • OharaCosmetics 3 years ago

    @Lucky81585 Thank you for the compliment. You can do it either way with the
    airbrush. I feel more comfortable putting it on afterwards but its up to
    yourself as once it dries it all looks blended together.

  • LiVeLoVeVoLlEyBaLl77 3 years ago

    how much does it cost???

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