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Hello Ladies, Okay so I made this tutorial because alot of you all want a tone down look and still looking fabulous. This is Great for School, Work, Running … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Please Subscribe to my NEW & MAIN Channel!☆ ALL NEW VIDEOS at → BLOG: Facebook: http://fa…


  • Jenilene Panganiban 3 years ago

    Gosh, you are so pretty! And your skin is amazing!

  • stillaafulable 3 years ago

    wish to have beautiful like like you 😉 !

  • phishie 3 years ago

    one of my fav videos done by you! :) I love how natural looking it is, but
    it still has the ‘pop’. I’ve had that KATE palette (& eyeliner) for awhile
    now, but never made good use of all the colors until now – so much
    dimension! thanks melodee ^_^

  • danceandmelodee 3 years ago

    @KatyL19 Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it. :) I have a unique makeup
    tutorial/ totally new idea video coming up next, so please stay tuned!<3

  • sweetheart7774 3 years ago

    cute) are you japanese or korean ??

  • danceandmelodee 3 years ago

    @suyan2323373 これは違いますよ~ ^^

  • MyHanKoKo 3 years ago

    what was the song you used in the video?? it sounds so familiar~!!

  • ayumi moriyama 3 years ago

    You are pretty love all your vids

  • andreacheng1 3 years ago

    What kind of lenses do you wear? 😀

  • danceandmelodee 3 years ago

    @tsubakk はい、日本人ですが、ずっとアメリカで育って日本に住んだことがない日本人です (^^; 笑 褒めて頂いてありがとうございます!

  • pastrylover206 3 years ago

    utada hikaru bg music! <3!

  • Phuongcac Le 3 years ago

    ur so cute :)

  • Fancy Nancy 3 years ago

    Melodee, I looove your videos! they are so helpful and informative! Thank
    you! I was wondering, in this video you used something to push your false
    eyelashes into place. What is it and where can I get it?

  • Day6277 3 years ago

    Are you japanese or just descendant? because your english is super good!
    you’re so beautiful and your eyes are so big, just like anime eyes! mine
    are small… :c Do you know any way I can make them look bigger? good
    tutorial by the way!

  • jo shin eun 3 years ago

    wow the false lashes looks natural…i want buy this false lashes :) nice
    makeup :)

  • AppleCrumbleX3 3 years ago

    You skin is so perfect that its crazy!

  • 23palmo 3 years ago

    u r seriously so pretty! u sound like and look like pretty girl anime

  • susiee t. 3 years ago

    sorry i’ve found the answer towards the end of the video ^^

  • m72324 3 years ago

    u makes people feel so clean and comfortable, living watching yr videos

  • Marie Rose 3 years ago

    I love this song <3

  • amin alu 3 years ago

    Google Wretch Weight Workings… Its the best way to lose weight. It’s a
    nice video you’ve put together but wait until you discover the diet you
    could learn when you buy Wretch Weight Workings… I lost 7 lbs in just one

  • Zina Begum 3 years ago

    :) very nice

  • Mon Pink 3 years ago


  • cozychoco 3 years ago

    I love your nail polish color! What brand and what color is it?

  • HatsuneMikuGirl93 3 years ago

    so pretty!! this look is helpful!! I’m going to try it!! thanks!

  • MsBrokenarrow1 3 years ago

    amazing just i think it would be better if u dont put the red lipstick in
    the end ..:):) btw i love this natural make up that u made ..!

  • iiishiii8 3 years ago

    hair down while doing makeup(tutorial) is so annoying!

  • Agnes Dahlberg 3 years ago

    you’re gorgeous!

  • GiaInJersey 3 years ago

    VERY beautiful!

  • Maria Martinez 3 years ago

    i loved

  • amaalhassanah 3 years ago

    your sooo beautiful…but you need to buy more makeup product like mac
    ones… also watch some toturial to learn more! thanks for sharing..

  • Lindy82 3 years ago

    Very pretty!!

  • Jinky Gazzingan 3 years ago

    you are very pretty :) im also a filipina ^^

  • lacantanteavocado 3 years ago

    where do you get your brushes again? i remember you posted it but i don’t
    remember what video it was….which ones do you recommend the most?

  • haryati lamuddin 3 years ago


  • niar ramlie 3 years ago

    jah, dandanan hasil begitu aja lama banget

  • ImLindaKimmel 3 years ago

    my fav music, i like the idea to make video with music, i’ve gotta few here

  • zara2214 3 years ago

    thanx for uploading this video.i like the video

  • fakebananamc 3 years ago

    Ur eyebrowns look very angry…dangerous…

  • abcgirl148 3 years ago

    hi this was the first vidio i wached of yours and i LOVED it you are sooo
    pritty where do you get angeld brushes from because i cant find any please
    reply thanks!

  • aleterodriguez68 3 years ago

    Wow your so pretty

  • SnapshotNTime84 3 years ago

    Your makeup looks are wonderful and so are your music selections. I am
    really enjoying your tutorials…educationally fun! Thanks for taking time
    to share your knowledge.

  • Grace Smith 3 years ago

    You’ve edited the picture’s texture., But you still look gorgeous:D<3<3.

  • eka ayu Wahyuni 3 years ago

    thanks for sharing…

  • CityandNoColor 3 years ago

    cute :) loved the video

  • Ailen BGW 3 years ago

    I love the way you apply simple makeup. It’s simple and affordable and look
    so beautiful.

  • Nahla Elkadi 3 years ago

    why do u use eyeprimer over the eyeshadow?

  • Mara ferreira 3 years ago


  • janicereyes26 3 years ago

    THUMBS UP girl:)

  • Candace Shawtyy 3 years ago

    u look like michel phan

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